How to play online with your friends in Splatoon 3


How to play online with your friends in Splatoon 3

Do not miss our guide to know how to play online with your friends in Splatoon 3 and start playing with them in a few seconds.


What is the game about

Splatoon 3 takes place in the Tintelia region, a scorching desert inhabited by the most hardened Inklings and Octarians. On the other hand, the city of Tintelia, also known as «the chaotic city», is the heart of this sandy wasteland.

Even in this desolate place, territorial combats are the star and the battles take place in new settings in the middle of nature, such as the majestic Fumarola Gorge. New dynamic moves help these fighters dodge attacks and cover more ground; In addition, they now also have a bow-shaped weapon to spread ink left and right, and new special weapons, such as the crabbot.

Join Agent 3 and Commando Gills in their fight against the evil Octarian army in Splatoon 3’s story mode. Discover the secrets of Alterna, the skin-forming plasma, and how it all ties in with this mode’s theme: «Return of the Mammaloids.» ».


How to play online with friends in Splatoon 3

All players who want to play together must have their own copy of Splatoon 3, their own Nintendo Switch, a Nintendo Switch Online membership, be on the Switch friends list of those creating the room, and be online. Then everyone must go to the Battle Lobby.

From there, a player must make a room. To do this, enter the elevator that is used to enter regular Territory Battles. Then use the joystick to go right and you should see “with friends” under the Regular Battle option.

Click on the normal battle option with friends. The menu will display a list of online friends and offline friends. Press Y to create a room. So everyone else who wants to play as a group needs to follow the same steps, but instead of making a room, they need to enter their friends’ room.

Everyone will need to press the Ready button, and the one who created the room must confirm that everyone is ready and go into battle. The room creator can choose between Private Battle, Regular Battle or Anarchy Battle.

If there are four or fewer friends, they will always be on the same team. If there are more than four players, some will be on the opposing team.

There is another method to play Territory Battles with friends. This is the drop-in method, which will place players in the same match, but not always on the same team. In the menu used for multiplayer, some online friends will be available to enter.


This has been our guide to know how to play online with your friends in Splatoon 3 and start playing with them in a few seconds. If you have any questions, don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies, you can share them with your friends on your social networks on Twitter or Facebook.

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