Find out when Gotham Knights is coming to Game Pass


Find out when Gotham Knights is coming to Game Pass

Find out when Gotham Knights is coming to Game Pass and learn the best tips and strategies for the game with our guide.


What is the game about

Patrol the five boroughs of Gotham, solo or co-op, and stop any criminal activity in your path. Your legacy starts here. Follow in the footsteps of the Knight.

Batman is dead. A new criminal organization has swept the streets of Gotham City. The Batfamily, made up of Batgirl, Nightwing, Red Hood and Robin, must protect Gotham, restore hope to its citizens, discipline to its police and fear to its criminals.

In addition to solving the mysteries that connect the darkest chapters in the city’s history and defeating famous villains in epic showdowns, you must become the new Dark Knight and prevent chaos from taking over the streets.

Whether playing alone or with another hero, patrol the five boroughs of Gotham and stop any criminal activity that comes your way.


Will Gotham Knights be released on Game Pass?

At the time of this writing, you will have the option to purchase it on Steam and the Epic Games Store for PC, or any of the major outlets for the Play Station 5 and Xbox Series X|S, such as the Playstation Store, the Microsoft Store, and all. the rest. Unfortunately, the game won’t be on Xbox Game Pass at launch, but that’s not to say it won’t be in the future. We’ve seen plenty of games phased into Game Pass over time, so hopefully it’ll get there at some point.


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