A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles Guide (locations)


A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles Guide (locations)

Don’t miss our A Plague Tale Requiem collectibles guide and learn where are all the locations to find them in the game.

What is the game about

In A Plague Tale Requiem, after fleeing their devastated home, Amicia and Hugo travel south to new regions and bustling cities to start anew and try to control the curse.

But when Hugo’s powers resurface, death and destruction return with a barrage of devouring rats. Forced to flee again, the brothers set sail for a promised island that might hold the answer to saving Hugo.

Discover the price of saving your loved ones in a fight for survival. Strike from the shadows, defeat your enemies and overcome challenges with a variety of weapons, tools and supernatural powers.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles Guide

Chapters 1, 12, 14 and 15 do not contain collectibles. Regarding the other chapters, we are going to explain where to find them:

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 2

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests0
knives0 (1 knife is gained throughout the story)


memory #1

At the start of the Chapter, players will start progressing through a town with Amicia and Hugo. The path is fairly linear and players must continue until they reach a market and begin to walk through it.

Eventually Hugo will run to a flower stall and talk to the shopkeeper. Once this cutscene is over, players can turn left and head to the store directly in front of them. From there you need to turn right where you will see a pot toss game at the end of the path.

To collect the souvenir, you will need to hit all four targets with a pot. Players must be careful to line up their shots, as they only get four shots total.

memory #2

Later in the chapter, Amicia will accompany Lucas on a quest to find a man named Vaudin. Eventually, after getting past a few guards and finding a knife, you’ll advance to a large open area full of patrolling guards.

The door to exit this area is on the other side of the courtyard and the memory is inside. Players will know they are on the right path when they are near an archer on top of a small tower and see a guard standing in front of the gate to exit the area.

Once on the other side of the door, players must proceed around the corner until they find a ladder.

Going up this ladder and taking the right path up another ladder will lead to a curve and eventually to a woman lying on a blanket. Interacting with her will reward players with the Keepsake.

Herbarium of Hugo #1

The first item in the herbarium is easy to find as it is part of the main story path that progresses through the chapter.

Once players reach the point where Amicia and Lucas use Ignifer to take the elevator up, they will find a long staircase that leads to a new area where they can see the Order-marked Tower in the distance.

Once there, players simply follow the linear path until they reach a small garden area. As Amicia moves through the garden, Lucas will make a comment about seeing something and then run to the area where the flower is and crouch down.

All players need to do now is interact with the item to get it.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 3

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests1
knives0 (1 knife is gained throughout the story)


Toolbox #1

Once you unlock the ability to create Extinguish, use it on the next 3 enemies to put out their fire and let the rats eat them. After climbing a ladder, you need to light a brazier to get rid of the rats.

Immediately after that, when you go up the next ladder, there is a side room with a large chest containing a tool.

memory #3

Players will have to progress through the early parts of Chapter 3 until they reach a point where they must use a crank to open a large door. After exiting the gate, Amicia and Lucas will meet on a path on the outskirts of town.

Continuing down the path, players will eventually find a house with a small door near a shack on the right hand side (opposite the house). This door is locked and players will need to go to the right side of the stone wall and up a small hill where they can see the «lock» inside the door and shoot it with Amicia’s slingshot.

Once the gate is open, players can proceed inside the small fenced off area and interact with the tomb to obtain this keepsake.

Toolbox #2

After finding the memory, you will have to go down a ladder and enter a town infested with rats and with many enemies roaming around. In the last building on the left is a large chest containing a tool.

You can light the torch near him to cross safely.

Herbarium of Hugo #2

To obtain this flower, players must progress through the chapter until they reach a point in the story where they witness guards leading the herbalist through an archway.

When the cutscene ends, players will head to an archway and then turn left to jump over a small stone fence and follow the wall until they find a crevasse with a movable piece of wood.

Once players move the wood past the opening, they will be in an area with the Herbalist’s house and lots of plants around it.

To the left of the house, going up a small path, there is a large tree with pots hanging from it. If players look up, they can shoot the hooks holding the pots to knock them over.

A flower will sprout from one of these pots, and when players release it from the hook, they will be able to interact with it to obtain Chamomile.

Secret Chest #1

Inside the warehouse, after retrieving the slingshot and knife, the Chest is right in front of where you got them (upper right corner of the warehouse).

The secret chests are all locked and you need 1 breakable knife to open them, they contain many upgrade parts.

memory #4

The second memory of this chapter can be found near the end of the level, once Amicia and Hugo reach the warehouse full of goods. Here, players must progress until they locate Amicia’s gear and can use her slingshot again.

Looking up, players must identify a ring that they can break with Amicia’s slingshot. Doing this will leave you on a catwalk. From there, players can climb the nearby ladder and run to the newly formed bridge to access the map and earn the Keepsake.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 4

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests1
knives1 (Narrative Difficulty)


Herbarium of Hugo #3

Not long after the chapter begins, players will find themselves exiting a small tunnel and entering a large port. Lucas will comment on the location of the ship they are looking for, pointing to it in the water.

From there, players can go down the hill and take a quick spin around some random crates and debris.

From there, you’ll want to walk down the beach until you come to a small stretch of purple flowers. The gentian can be picked by approaching the group of solitary flowers in the middle.

memory #5 

To find the fifth memory, players must progress through Chapter 4 until they reach the «dock area» for the first time. Shortly after you arrive, Amicia will comment on the Order ship they were supposed to find and Lucas will mention that she «has a red and white sail» and point it out in the harbor.

After the conversation, players will go through some cargo filled areas until they reach a ladder and climb up. From there you can take the path that extends to the right and follow it to the end, then follow the wall to the right until you find an area to duck under.

On the other side of the wall is a cart that can be pushed to allow players to climb onto a nearby wall. Upstairs, you’ll find a set of silks on the floor.

knife #1

After the last memory you need to go back through the hole in the wall and now interact with the hatch to advance to the next encounter with the enemies. At the start of the encounter, you can find a knife sticking out of a wooden fence in the middle of the area, outside before engaging enemies.

Don’t use the knife, you need it to open the Secret Chest. Note that this, like many other knives, only appears on  narrative difficulty  ! The knife won’t be there on higher difficulties or New Game+.

Secret Chest #2

After the first encounter with an enemy in this chapter, you come to an area infested with rats. When you can push a cart with a burning brazier, push it to the left of the area where there is a ladder, then go up the ladder to find the locked chest at the top.

As usual, you need a knife to open it.

Toolbox #3

In the workshop, where you unlock tar to craft on your item wheel. After reaching the end of the room where you meet Lucas, go up the ladder he was on, then across the platform with the Barrel Lucas used. There is a chest on the other side that contains 1 toolbox.

memory #6 

This is an easy souvenir to miss, so be careful and take it easy as you make your way through the area. Halfway through the chapter, Lucas and Amicia find themselves trapped in a workshop.

Players will then solve a puzzle to get to the other side of the workshop. Once you’re out the door, you’ll find yourself in a new area with a ladder leading down.

As you go down the stairs, you’ll eventually come to a spot where you can move a wooden slab to go through a crack in the wall and proceed to the next area. Instead of heading to the new area, players must turn 180 degrees from the crack in the wall and look for a nearby «blockade» that is holding up a small walkway.

Hitting the lock with the slingshot will cause the bridge to collapse and allow players to go through it and down another ladder. There you’ll find a long dock, and going to the end will give you a command to trigger a short cutscene between Lucas and Amicia, which will reward you with the memory once you’re done.

knife #2

During the next enemy encounter, you come to a large bonfire in the middle of the area. About 20 meters before the bonfire there is a tree stump with a knife sticking out of it.

Toolbox #4

In the same area where you find the Knife. To the left of the large burning bonfire is a building with an archer. Inside this building is the tool chest. Throw a pot near the chest and light a fire to get rid of the mice (don’t throw it directly into the chest so you don’t get burned on the way).

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 5

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests1


memory #7

This memory can be found right at the beginning of the chapter. After the opening cutscene, Lucas and Amicia get off the boat and start walking along a path that goes up a hillside and through the woods.

Eventually there will be a small fork in the path with one path ahead and another path sticking out to the right. Following the path to the right, players will find a small chest and can turn around and walk through some wreckage to continue down a hidden path.

Following the path, Amicia will see a red ribbon-shaped item hanging from a tree and automatically start a conversation with Lucas. After she finishes this conversation, players will be rewarded with the keepsake.

Toolbox #5

At a certain point in the chapter you will have to help Lucas by shooting a barricade with your slingshot and then setting fire to a haystack so that he can join you. Where the haystack hangs is a chest with a toolbox.

Shoot the haystack with fire and open the chest quickly before the fire goes out.

Knife #3 + Keepsake #8 

This one is easy to miss, and it’s not far from the last memory, so players need to be careful. Once you’ve made enough progress with Amicia and Lucas, the rats will attack again.

This puts players into another puzzle where they must use cranes and fireworks to help them get through the worm horde safely. Players will know they’re in the section when Amicia and Lucas are gathered on the same platform and Amicia comments that she «likes her war cry.»

When players reach this point, instead of moving forward, they must look up and to the right to locate a ladder hanging above with a padlock. Hitting this lock with Amicia’s slingshot will cause the ladder to fall.

From there, players can climb the ladder and continue the path until they reach the top of a cliff. Turning immediately to the left after going up the last few stairs, there is a small wooden railing that overlooks the construction site. Lucas will walk up to him and Amicia can join him, triggering a short cutscene and rewarding the memory.

The knife can be found just before starting the puzzle, in a barrel to the right. As shown in the image above.

Secret Chest #3

After using the platform to cross the river, shoot the counterweight to rip out the chain blocking the river. The side fence will then be destroyed, allowing you to explore the beach. Go behind the house where you just shot the counterweight, there is a ladder behind it that leads to the attic.

The Secret Chest is there. You need the knife from the previous Keepsake location to open it, if you lost the knife you need to replay Chapter 5 from the beginning via Select Chapter to open the Chest with it.

Toolbox #6

From the Secret Chest to the beginning of the beach, you can crouch under the same house where you threw the counterweight. There’s a hole in the side of the house, which leads to the other side, where you’ll find a large chest with a toolbox.

Herbarium of Hugo #4

During Chapter 5, Amicia will be separated from her family and forced to figure out how to cross a large bridge. This requires players to use a cart to access various ledges so they can cross safely.

At the beginning of this section, if players follow the stone wall to the left and look up, they will find a grappling hook that they can break to knock down a small walkway.

After doing so, players can use the nearby cart to climb up and access the newly collapsed bridge.

After crossing and climbing the rocks, players must see the pack of anemones on the edge of a cliff.

knife #4

After finishing the boat ride, when you start loading the crossbow, a knife will be right in front of you on a fallen tree. During an encounter with an enemy, when an armored soldier attacks you and you are given a tutorial to use the crossbow.

Collectibles – Chapter 6

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests1


Herbarium of Hugo #5

Much like the first feather player encounter in the game, this one is pretty much given to Amicia. During the early parts of Chapter VI, Hugo and Amicia will meet in a large field and the girl will challenge her younger brother to a race.

All players have to do is run after Hugo until he eventually falls out of a large tree and kneels down to inspect a pile of something on the ground.

Interacting with Hugo will reward players with Jay’s feather.

memory #9

Shortly after the beginning of the chapter, Hugo and Amicia will find a kind of caravan, where many people have set up camp. As the duo descend into the shop area, they will come to a spot with a large tree, surrounded by tools, tables, and various shops.

There are some individuals sitting by a fire and next to them is a man leaning against one of the tents. If players walk to where the man is, they will notice a small path that splits between the shops.

Walking this path will lead players to a swing, which they can interact with to view a cutscene and collect the souvenir.

Toolbox #7

After entering the quarry, take the right path, at the dead end, order Hugo to crawl under the wall and he will open the door for you. There is a large chest behind the door that contains a toolbox.

knife #5

After the first set of enemies in the quarry, after going through a door to escape them, there is a knife sticking out of an old mining cart (second set of enemies in the quarry).

knife #6

Immediately after exiting the quarry there is another encounter with the enemies, go ahead and climb up the white ledge to find a supply crate, with a knife next to it.

Toolbox #8

In the same area as the knife, on the hill in the middle of the enemy area. You can go up the ledges to find this toolbox.

Secret Chest #4

After getting the knife, leave this enemy encounter through the door at the end of the build area. Immediately after entering this building, duck under the shelves in the far right corner.

After crouching down, you will find the Secret Chest. Use the knife you found in the previous encounter to open it up, as usual it reveals a workbench and some upgraded parts.

memory #10

About halfway through the chapter, players will end up in a large warehouse-like area and Amicia will fall to the ground, prompting Hugo to use a new mouse control ability to take out some nearby guards.

After the guards are defeated, players will regain control of Amicia and must guide her and Hugo through the rat-infested warehouse. When you get to the other side and go up the stairs, you will find a door near the end of the warehouse that you can go through. Inside this door, there is a ladder to the right that leads to a path.

If players climb the ladder and run to the end of the catwalk, they can duck under the wall and proceed to another room where they can drop down from the catwalk. Inside you will find a wide variety of fabrics and Hugo will tell you about some nearby ones. He interacts to get the memory.

knife #7

After getting the souvenir, go back to the room with the workbench and exit through the metal door. The next area has another enemy encounter, a knife can be found on the right hand side, on a wooden cart with some rats.

Toolbox #9

In the same place where you find the knife, take the path to the right, there is a hut on the right side of the path where two torches are lit. Inside there is a closed door. Go behind the house and shoot your slingshot through the window to hit the lock on the inside of the door.

Then go back to the main entrance, now you can open the door to find your Toolbox.

Collectibles – Chapter 7

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests1


Knife #8 + Herbarium of Hugo #6

The next Herbarium item that players will find is at the beginning of Chapter 7. Players will follow a path until they reach a beach, and soon after, there will be a cutscene where Hugo runs into a large group of seagulls.

After the cutscene ends, players can look to the left to locate a small hut. Inside this cabin you will find the knife on the mattress.

To find the feather, players simply need to enter the hut, jump out the window on the left, and follow a stone path until they reach the black-headed gull feather at the end.

Toolbox #10

As you push the burning brazier cart into the caves, there is a large chest to the left of the cave section with a toolbox inside. You need to shoot the Ignifer slingshot at the brazier in front of the chest to get rid of the rats.

memory #11

Arnaud finds himself in a sticky situation when the group finds themselves in a rat’s nest. After solving the puzzle and exiting the cave, the party will find themselves facing a small shipwreck in the distance.

The memory that is on top of the ridge right in front of this wreck. To get there, simply walk around the edge of the cliff to the right of the boat until you find a point where you can climb.

Secret Chest #5

After an enemy cave encounter, when you reach the end of the encounter (after no more rats are in your way), go right to crouch on a boat.

It has the secret chest inside. As usual, it requires a knife to open, one was found with the Herbarium at the beginning of Chapter 7.

knife #9

When you exit the cave and encounter an enemy on the beach, you have the ability to command Arnaud to attack enemies. Here on this beach there is a knife, on the right side next to a shipwreck, check the rocks before the shipwreck.

memory #12

This keepsake is a bit further down the Chapter and can be found in the outer section where Amicia can order Arnaud to «fight» nearby soldiers. As players make their way through these fields, it will be necessary to follow the large cliff face to the left.

As you follow this wall, you’ll eventually come to a cave entrance and can navigate through it, dealing with soldiers, until you come out the other side and land in another field. Here, you will need to follow the wall past the soldiers and reach a small crevice in some rocks that has a piece of wood. After removing the wood and sliding through the crack, the group will find themselves in a new area.

From here, players should immediately turn left around the corner and find a place to climb. You can then head to the right and duck to go through a small opening and into a dark cave.

There is a torch nearby on the wall that players can pick up and use to make their way through the dark passage. At the bottom is a wall with a bunch of painted hands adorning it. Interacting with him will give players the Keepsake.

Toolbox #11

During the enemy encounter in the fishing village, there is an interactive rope pull on the upper level on the right side where the houses are. Interacting with it collapses a large platform with a Chest on top of it. The Chest is surrounded by mice, but you can use Hugo’s ability on it to drive them away. After warding off the mice, you can now get to the chest with 1 toolbox and 10 crafting pieces inside.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 8

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests0


Herbarium of Hugo #7

To find the Hugo Herbarium collectible in this chapter, players will have to wait until his brief sea voyage ends. After the ship docks at La Cuna, players will once again take control of Amicia and take Hugo to the small town up ahead.

Shortly after, the players will find themselves in a large plaza with many tents set up. If Amicia and Hugo leave as they enter the plaza, they will find a small path leading into an open area where a woman is talking to a group of seated people about how nice the decorations look.

If players go through it, they can follow the small path around a large tree. Feathers can be found here.

memory #13 

Players won’t be able to pick up this memento until they reach Cradle Island, so simply progress through the story until that happens. Once anchored on the island, you can follow Arnaud to the nearby stairs and enter the «square» where there are many tents.

Once you are in the square you can go right, turn the corner to the left and then take the first right you see through an alley with a fence at the end. There is a goat pen here and Hugo will run to the fence to watch them.

If players interact with the controller next to the fence and Hugo, you will see a short cutscene and receive the souvenir.

memory #14

When players reach the first town square, they will be asked to talk to some villagers to see if they know anything about the location that Hugo sees in his dream.

Once you’ve talked to enough villagers, a new path will open up (previously blocked by a guard) allowing you to proceed further into the village.

Once you go up the stairs you will come to a fork with a small path leading to the left up a ladder and a longer path extending ahead. Players will want to turn left and go down the stairs.

Once you start down the stairs, you will be able to see a special tent in the distance with four garlands hanging from it. This store is another game, similar to the one Amicia played in Chapter 2.

To get the Keepsake, players simply need to throw the pots in the middle of the garlands. Each shot must be perfect for players to also earn the accompanying Achievement.

Toolbox #12

When you have to push a cart up to a barn (normal story route), the chest is found after climbing up the right side.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 9

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests2
Items of the former protector16


memory #15

At the start of the chapter, you’ll progress through the palace grounds, going down several stairs until you reach a door with a soldier guarding it. Interacting with the soldier will place players outside the palace walls.

From there, you’ll want to follow the path to the right, staying on the dirt path until you reach a Phoenix statue. From this statue, looking down the path, it will be possible to see a small house near the end of the path and a small gap between a small stone wall.

Once you reach the small house, you will need to go through the opening in the stone fence and continue down the new dirt road that goes around a corner. Then turn the corner and you will see a big tree, interact with it to receive your souvenir.

Toolbox #13 + Toolbox #14

Follow the bird statues until you reach the windmills on a hill. Inside the windmills you can find switches to turn them on/off. You must have Mills 1+2 disabled and Mills 3+4 enabled (3 is enabled by default, no login required).

After doing that, go down the path between Windmills 2+3 which has some stone arches and leads to a cave. Head to the end of the cave to find two toolboxes.

Toolbox #15

After the windmills, look in the sky for kites flying in the air. Go to the building where the kites are attached, climb to the roof. There is a hole in the ceiling, shoot the slingshot through it to hit a box on a chain inside.

Drop down onto the balcony, then fire the slingshot twice through the window to hit the metal hooks on the door. Now you can go inside and find a toolbox inside.

Knife #10 + Secret Chest #6

Still in the big exploration area, head towards the mountain with the two big peaks. Just before you go up the mountain path, to the left is a ruined tower. Shoot through the window to hit the lock on the door.

Then you can enter through the door, right behind it is a knife (if you already have a knife, get it after opening the secret chest). Go up the ladder to find a secret chest.

memory #16 

This keepsake is located at the top of the tower where you found the last secret chest. Once at the top you will have to turn the camera to face the other tower in the distance and there will be a notice near the edge of the roof. Activating it will start a short cutscene and reward the memory.

Keepsake #17 + Toolbox #16

Once players find the Map in the Ruins and proceed to the shrine in the mountains, they will find themselves on a new path up. After a short time, you will come across a large group of goats, as well as an NPC who informs you that the gate is locked and tells you of an alternate path around the bend.

This NPC also informs you that he is losing one of his goats and that you are keeping an eye on him. Players can then turn left (if facing the gate) and follow the new path into the mountains.

Eventually, Amicia and her group find the ruins of an ancient building. Looking out the window, players can identify the NPC’s missing goat.

Unfortunately, the door to enter is closed. To open it, players need to go around the building and find a patch of grass to the right of the locked door.

Amicia can throw an Ignifer at the grass, which will cause it to burn to the ground and eventually disappear. Doing so will reveal a small hole at the base of the wall, through which players can order Hugo to crawl.

Doing so will cause Hugo to unlock the door and give players access inside. Inside, after a comment from Amicia, players can interact with the goat and watch a short cutscene before receiving the souvenir. The knife can be found to the right of where you got the Goat Keepsake.

Secret Chest #7

After finding the memento you will go up to another ledge, halfway up you can go left (as indicated in the image above) to find the secret chest.

Herbarium of Hugo #8

Players should be very careful when passing through this area, as it’s very possible to miss this herbarium item entirely if they don’t follow the right path.

As players begin to approach the Sanctuary, they will eventually encounter a group of guards and are forced into a stealthy part where they cannot be seen or defended.

Players must navigate through the first area and through a gate to reach another area that starts on the side of the mountain.

As players reach the top, they will begin to see various soldiers patrolling the area. Near the «top» of this area, players should see a metal door leading to another area and a large tower to the left of the door.

Important:  Players must not enter the door or they will be prevented from obtaining this Herbarium item.

Instead of going through the metal gate, head up the hill to the left and into the nearby lawn. From there, they can jump out the window and turn right to climb the stairs to the roof.

Once on the roof, they can open the door and head up the tower. Once you enter the tower, you will need to climb to the top, then scale the wall and follow the path.

Before falling down the cliff, the feathers will be located near the wall on the left.

Items of the former protector

You can find all 16 protective items after going through the Ritual. You will enter a series of rooms with optional interactive objects that you can interact with.

By interacting with all the items, you will be rewarded with the  “  Old Protector” trophy  .

Elements to interact with in the First Room:

  • Store.
  • small dolls
  • Bed.
  • little horse.

Elements to interact with in the Second Room:

  • Toys box.
  • Armor.
  • Weapon support.
  • Wax tablets.

Elements to interact in the Third Room:

  • Black powder in the alchemical machine.
  • Dark bottle.
  • Weaker.
  • Small bottle.
  • kitchen station
  • Laboratory table in the middle.

Elements to interact with on the top floor:

Note:   Before talking to Sofia you must interact with everything!

  • Scrolls on the shelf.
  • Look through the floor to see the room below.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 10

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests1


Toolbox #17

In the first encounter with the enemy, you will come to a point where you need to use the rope crossbow to open a door. In the building with the anchor point there is a toolbox (you have to go there to open the door).

Herbarium of Hugo #9

As players progress through this chapter, they will eventually enter an ancient ruined temple. Inside, players will find a crank and turn Sophia to raise a large chandelier.

Amicia can then climb onto the roof using a small path outside and shoot the chandelier with her crossbow to pull it towards her and use it to open some metal doors. After doing so, players will proceed to a new area and begin a path to the Fort.

As you make your way down the path, at first you will see a fork where a small path splits off to the left. If you follow this path, it will turn right and come to a cliff overlooking the water.

As they descend and follow the stone path around the corner, players will identify the pile of feathers near the shore.

memory #18

To obtain this memento, players must progress through Chapter 10 until they witness a cutscene where Hugo loses his composure after witnessing some slavers killing innocents.

He will summon a group of mice and players must cross a grassy field to regroup with him. After that, players will find themselves facing a small archway that leads to a dilapidated building.

Once players pass through the gate, they must turn left to locate a pole sticking out of the ground. By using another small bow near the pole, players can access it and use Amicia’s Crossbow to hook a bundle of ropes over a wall at the other end.

After dropping the bars, players can scale the wall and around the corner to find the souvenir spot at the base of a gnarled tree.

Knife #11 + Toolbox #18

During the next enemy encounter, follow the paved path in the middle to the second ruined building on the right. In this building there is a Knife (ground floor) and a Tool Chest (upstairs).

Secret Chest #8

When you need to pass through a rat-infested courtyard, Sophia will use her crystal to light the way. After lighting the second brazier, there is a tower in the right corner of the area.

Order Sophia to use her crystal from the second brazier and walk to the tower entrance. The chest is up in that tower.

Toolbox #19

In the next enemy section (second section of the rat infested courtyard), a toolbox can be found on the left side.

It is surrounded by rats, to get there you have to enter the building on the left, grab a stick, light it up, go outside and get the yellow Odoris crystals from the walls, create Odoris, shoot to attract the rats and then follow your route on your way to the toolbox.

knife #12

After the chapel (crypt) there will be a big enemy encounter where you will fight waves of enemies. During this encounter, in the right corner is a knife.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 11

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
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Herbarium of Hugo #10

About halfway through the chapter, players will find themselves underground and need to light a barrel of fire to open a door.

Going through the first door will put players in another room, with a second door that must be opened by finding and lighting a fire.

Before opening the door, players must stand in front of it and then do a 180-degree turn so that they are facing the opposite direction. Looking at the back wall, players must locate a barrel of fire hidden behind the wall between some wooden beams.

Blowing up this barrel will give Amicia and the crew access to a small hidden cave, where they will find the pile of feathers on the ground.

memory #19

Players will need to progress through this chapter for quite some time until they find themselves in a large underground area with a large number of moving carts and braziers surrounded by rats.

Once there, players can use the pole in the middle to charge Amicia’s Beast and then target the cart on the right. Once Amicia has brought the cart closer, players can walk up to it and then push it back to its original position.

From there, you’ll need to move to the right side of the cart and push it as far as possible, until you reach an area blocked by a destroyed cart.

Facing the cart, players must move to the left side of their own cart and push it across the track one more time until it goes no further. At this point, they should be near the «edge» of the large circular area.

Just ahead of the cart and off the ledge is an area where players can drop into a hidden section. Unfortunately, there will be a line of rats guarding the area beyond the cart and before the edge of the wall.

To avoid them, players can have Sophia aim her prism at the cart and then walk backwards to the ledge (making sure to keep the cart in sight while doing this). Once in the new area, players can interact with the nearby workbench and maps. to get the memory.

memory #20

After progressing through the chapter, players will come to an area that features a massive iron gate with multiple locks that players must open. If players stand at the large iron gate and turn around, they will see a small alcove just ahead and to the left.

Going there, players will find a locked door and a small hole in the wall nearby. When you order Hugo to crawl through the hole, he will open the door from the inside. Once inside, players can interact with the table to bring up a short cutscene and receive the souvenir.

Secret Chest #9

After opening the big door from earlier and seeing the next cutscene, you will have to go through a room infested with rats. Immediately after the mice, you need to climb up two ledges and use your slingshot to break the chains so you can get past.

Immediately after going through the chains, turn left to go through a second set of chains, behind which you’ll find the Secret Chest.

Toolbox #20

Right after the Secret Chest, you will have to push a burning cart. Push it until the path is blocked, then you need to climb the ledge to the right to set off an explosive barrel, which clears the blockage.

After that you will be able to push the cart forward and there is a Tool Chest on the left. There might be mice in front of him, but you can play with Ignifer or Odoris to get rid of them.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 13

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests1


Toolbox #21

After starting the chapter and walking a short distance forward, you will see another cutscene. After that, you will enter a room. Take an immediate right to find an open door that leads to the chest.

remember 21

At the beginning of the Chapter, players will enter an open space that Amicia must get out of alone. Going to the right, she will see a locked door and can go around the wall to the right of the door to find a space where she can shoot the «padlock» on the door.

After entering the newly unlocked door, players will need to proceed into the back hallway and pull the cart they find towards them. They must then return through the door and enter the newly opened hallway.

Around this bend, players will find a room, and beyond it, there will be a post where Amicia can fire her crossbow.

If players face this point and turn 180 degrees, they will see a cart against a back wall that they can move to the left. Doing this will open a hidden room and inside it you can find a table where the last Souvenir of this game is located.

Toolbox #22

When you get to an area with human enemies, there is a Tool Chest in the center of the area, guarded by an armored enemy.

knife #14

In the same enemy area where you found the toolbox, in the left corner of the area, you will find the knife sticking out of a cart that is rolling on its side.

knife #15

After leaving the enemy area where the Tool was, you will reach a burning town with more enemies. Take the left path, through the barn, then through a house (ground floor). You find the knife after going through the house, on a table with flowers.

Toolbox #23

You find this toolbox in the same enemy encounter where you found the last knife, in a church with the next set of enemies.

knife #16

From the toolbox above, clear the area with the enemy encounter. In the next area you enter a house with a bench. Climb up the ledge in this house, then go down the porch to the left. Right after, turn left to see the knife.

Herbarium of Hugo #11

The last quill is found very late in this chapter. As Amicia, Hugo and Lucas walk towards the docks, they will have to go through a ruined town. After an encounter with some guards, the trio must go through a collapsed tower to cross a large gap.

Once on the other side, they’ll go through a few rooms before dropping into a small area with a cart that can be pushed onto a nearby wall.

Instead of pushing the cart to the exit, players must push the cart back to where they came from. There, they can get on the cart and then climb up a wall.

When you’re up, you’ll see the feathers near a pillar to the left.

Secret Chest #10

From the pen above, turn right and open the door. The chest is behind the door. This is the last secret chest in the game, so when you open it you will unlock the  “Explorer” trophy/achievement.

If you didn’t open any secret chest, you will be able to get it through chapter select and the achievement will still unlock when you get the missing chest.

A Plague Tale Requiem Collectibles – Chapter 16

Collectibles found in the chapter
collectableThe amount
Hugo’s herbarium1
secret chests0


Toolbox #24

Right at the beginning of the chapter, in the building right in front of where you start, next to the workbench.

Herbarium of Hugo #12

The last flower in Hugo’s Herbarium can be found at the start of Chapter 16. Players will simply have to proceed along the linear path at first until Lucas makes a comment about something that «survives».

He will then kneel near the flower. All Amicia has to do is walk up to it and pick it up.


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