Tricks to get free rubies in Dangerous Fellows

free rubies Dangerous Fellows
free rubies Dangerous Fellows

Tricks to get free rubies in Dangerous Fellows

Don’t miss our tricks to get free rubies in Dangerous Fellows and learn the best tips from our guide.

If you like the new Otome of Dangerous Fellows, then you cannot miss the tricks to get free rubies in Dangerous Fellows. Rubies are a premium currency used to purchase outfits, speed up events, and certain choices, so they are very important.

Unfortunately, you can’t get the different endings (excluding the normal / bad ending and Ethan’s ending I think) without spending rubies. This is because fellows endings require paid options (prices ranging from 100 to 150 rubies) and / or paid suits (450 rubies). Because you can’t get at least 3 endings with the Fellows, you can’t get the true / hidden ending.

Log in every day and watch the game announcements

There are a couple of ways to get rubies without buying them, for example logging into the game every day gives you 25 free rubies in Dangerous Fellows. When you start the game, go to the store and you can get 30 rubies for following lucydream on Twitter and Facebook. That’s a total of 30. Also, at the bottom of the store, you can see an advertisement for 3 rubies. The best way I found is to log in every day and get the maximum of 25 rubies a day. That is really slow, even if you do an extra charge.

You are limited to 5 ads per day for a total of 15 jewels. This also resets every day! You should try investing in an ad blocker which is what I got with an extra 1.5k rubies very useful since the 3 hour search which would generally take at least 3 minutes if it skipped now takes me 10 seconds.

So log in every day and look at the ads, then go to where the wrench is and make repairs and you can win things (which, if you’re lucky, can include rubies) and get different endings.

Puzzle event to get free rubies in Dangerous Fellows

There is currently an event in the game. You collect puzzle pieces to complete a puzzle. You can do this by playing the main story and special episodes by giving the children the items they like. Completing the puzzle will earn you 500 rubies, plus some clues, tickets, and a special outfit.

Other methods to get more free rubies in Dangerous Fellows

The Dangerous Fellows surveys are reset every day to new ones. Sometimes they may not give you a survey, but the fact that you can get 50-300 gems depending on the survey is great. Especially when there are a lot of them, I once got 8,000 rubies in one day, so it’s worth it.

You can also do the other things to get the rubies. You can make repairs at school, just read the chapters because after each chapter (in addition to night watch, patrol and chapters that require outfits) you get one, also getting puzzle pieces is a good way because after getting a total out of 5 (can be repeats) you get 30 gems and you get 5 after reading the story completely.

You can also get puzzle pieces from repairs, but for your first game I wouldn’t worry about patrols and night watches because you can always play it again. Remember that you can also see 5 ads a day for 3 gems per ad, and you can check each chapter over and over again to find more rubies.

Also, I usually use the gem reward offers, I check and find all the ones that just say «download and run this app for 30 seconds» and they may not provide as many gems, but you can get a good amount of them with this method. Downloading apps and completing your offers really helps.

On the other hand, with the added load, I suggest choosing the ones that give you a lot of rubies with multiple parts (eg you get to level 1, you get 5 rubies, level 5, you get 100, level 10, you get 1000 something). they are very useful as you get rubies even if you stop halfway to the last thing. I try to play some extra load matching games as they are the easiest.

 What items should you buy with the rubies you get

I recommend buying in this order: outfits, paid options, tickets. You can skip buying items that you can get with ads because, unlike other games, the items don’t help you to increase affection.

These are all our tricks to get free rubies in Dangerous Fellows. If you have any questions, don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies, you can share them with your friends on your Twitter or Facebook social networks.

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