Monster Hunter Stories 2 Tips – 7 Things the Game Won’t Tell You

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While not as complicated as its more cranky cousins, Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Ruin still packs a somewhat complex base experience on capturing, breeding, and battling your favorite monster friends. The game does a good job of slowly bringing things to you, but there are a few pain points you can avoid by reading our quick list of tips below!


1 – The exchange of weapons does not take turns

When you first start out, you may find yourself in a situation where the monster you are fighting is strong against your damage type. If so, just switch to another weapon you own. It will not consume your turn and you will still be able to attack. However, you cannot switch weapons multiple times in a turn, so be careful when choosing.

Since there are three different damage types, we recommend that you always keep one weapon of each type with you at all times. This means choosing between the bow and the arrow or the cannon, the sword and the shield or the two-handed sword. You probably shouldn’t be taking both.

2 – Specific monster parts don’t matter

It’s not Monster Hunter World, folks. In Monster Hunter Stories, you aren’t looking for an Anjanath tail, gems, fangs, etc. Killing a monster drops one of three different parts and each is worth a different number of points. For this reason, every fight is worth something for you. Gone are the days of fighting the same creature over and over again to get a specific item to drop.

For example, the Bone Cleaver needs three points of material to forge. You can either use three Monster Hunter Bone S or one Monster Hunter Bone M. You can also use a Monster Bone L, in theory, but these are worth ten points each and that would waste a lot of the material’s potential.


3 – Investigate these sparkling noises

As you venture into the open world areas, you might hear some glittering noises. Take the time to locate exactly where they came from. They signal the rare materials you want to collect. Unlike other resource nodes, these spawns are not guaranteed and are much harder to find. Catch them while you can!


4 – Double attacks only occur under certain conditions

It can be difficult to figure out what causes double attacks. Luckily, we’ve got it figured out and can save you some trouble.

  • You and your monster must perform the same type of attack. Technique, speed, power.
  • You and your monster must attack the same part of the body. If you attack the head and they attack the body, it won’t trigger.
  • The monster must directly attack you or your monster.

Complete these three conditions and you will get a super powerful double attack.

5 – Visit the prayer pot daily

Unlike Monster Hunter World, you don’t get your login rewards the second you log into the game. Instead, you have to go to the Prayer Pot and complete your Tsukino Lunar Luck. It’s basically a roll of the dice to see how good your reward is on any given day, but we have divine bugs, life essence, and various foods.

6 – Track the movements of your teammates if you are unsure

If this is your first time taking on a new monster, or just can’t remember what kind of moves it has, don’t be afraid to copy what your teammates are doing. They are often correct and it is better than to choose at random among the three options.

7 – Every monster has retirement conditions

You should familiarize yourself with the Monsterpedia in your break menu. Not only because it provides information about the weaknesses of monsters, but it also details how you can increase the chances of a monster beating a retreat. This is important if you want to get your own this type of monster. This will specify something like breaking your head with a blunt type weapon. If you are on the hunt, be sure to do everything you can to do so.

Note: Only monsters with blue eggs can be captured as a monster.


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