The Quarry Trophy Guide (All Achievements)


The Quarry Trophy Guide (All Achievements)

Don’t miss our The Quarry trophy guide and learn how to get all the achievements for the game fast and easy.


What is the game about

The Quarry is an interactive drama survival horror adventure game developed by Supermassive Games and published by 2K Games, it is the spiritual successor to popular and successful 2015 horror title Until Dawn for the Playstation 4, Playstation 5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox XS, to be released on June 10, 2022.

Will you dare to check what’s behind that trap door? Will you investigate the screams echoing from within the forest? Will you save your friends or desperately run for your life? Every choice, big or small, shapes your story and determines who lives to tell the tale.

Cutting edge facial capture and filmic lighting techniques, combined with incredible performances from an iconic ensemble cast of Hollywood talent, bring the horrors of Hackett’s Quarry to life in a pulse-pounding, cinematic thrill ride.

Place your faith in up to 7 friends in online play, where invited players watch along and vote on key decisions, creating a story shaped by the whole group! Or, play together in a party horror couch co-op experience where each player picks a counselor and controls their actions.

Adjustable difficulty for all gameplay elements let players of any skill level enjoy the horror. And if you prefer to watch rather than play, Movie Mode lets you enjoy The Quarry as a binge-worthy cinematic thriller. Select how you want the story to unfold, kick back, and munch on some popcorn in between all the screams!


The Quarry Trophy List

This is the complete list of The Quarry trophies, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:

  • What Doesn’t Kill You…
    Achieved all Trophies!
  • Prologue
    Completed the Prologue
  • Chapter 1
    Completed Chapter 1
  • Chapter 2
    Completed Chapter 2
  • Chapter 3
    Completed Chapter 3
  • Chapter 4
    Completed Chapter 4
  • Chapter 5
    Completed Chapter 5
  • Chapter 6
    Completed Chapter 6
  • Chapter 7
    Completed Chapter 7
  • Chapter 8
    Completed Chapter 8
  • Chapter 9
    Completed Chapter 9
  • Chapter 10
    Completed Chapter 10
  • Epilogue
    Witnessed the Epilogue
  • Rough Night
    Kept everyone alive
  • Hackett’s Quarry Massacre
    Killed everyone
  • The Final Girl
    Kaitlyn survived the night alone
  • Nick of Time
    Successfully took the fastest route to Nick
  • The White Wolf
    Killed Silas
  • Nobody’s Fool
    Jacob told Emma the truth
  • Lovers’ Quarrel
    Nick killed Abi
  • Should’ve Gone to the Motel
    Reunited Laura and Max
  • Above the Law
    Travis and Laura agreed to work together
  • Mutually Assured
    Laura and Travis killed each other
  • Just a Flesh Wound
    Saved a friend from infection
  • Phlebotomy
    Accepted the bite of a werewolf
  • Last Man Standing
    Ryan survived alone
  • Family Matters
    Killed all the Hacketts
  • Blood Pact
    Infected every character
  • Bizzare Yet Bonafide
    Listened to the podcast
  • Reactionist
    Activated 15 Interrupts
  • You’re Breathetaking!
    Passed 5 Don’t Breath events
  • Peanut Butter Butterpops!
    Never missed in a combat encounter
  • Hard Pass
    Refused Eliza’s help
  • Decked Out
    Found all Tarot cards
  • Forewarned is Forearmed
    Got a Tarot reading
  • Meddling Kids!
    Collected all clues
  • It’s All Coming Together
    Found a matching clue
  • What’s This?
    Collected first clue
  • Conspiracy Theorist
    Collected all evidence
  • The Truth is Out There
    Collected first piece of evidence
  • Creature Feature
    Started a movie mode playthrough


This has been our The Quarry trophy guide with all the achievements for the game, if you have any questions don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies  you can share them with your friends in your Twitter or Facebook social networks.

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