Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Trophy Guide (Achievements)


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Trophy Guide (All Achievements)

Don’t miss our Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin trophy guide and learn how to get all the achievements for the game fast and easy.


What is the game about

Tetsuya Nomura came up with the concept of Stranger of Paradise around the release of Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy , and merged the concept of the Final Fantasy series with his ideas that focused on the «story of an angry man». Nomura found it challenging to find a middle ground for the title, between «mature» and «stylish».

During development, the team wasn’t sure whether to allow players to control party members and influence their evolution, but they would make that decision based on demo feedback.There was thought among the development team to have only Jack in combat, but this was scrapped as they felt the concept of a group was an important part of the Final Fantasy series .

A limited-time demo, titled Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin Trial Version , was released the same day the game was announced, exclusively on PlayStation 5 . However, the demo was «corrupted and unplayable» at the time of release, with Square Enix promising that it would fix the problem. Two days later, the problem was fixed with a patch and the period for testing the demo was extended to compensate.

Stranger of Paradise features an action-heavy battle system, which is said to be «story-bound». The player controls Jack, who can change Class and equip 8 different types of weapons, and features a party consisting of 3 characters at the same time. The outfit of party members can be changed and customized.

Set in a «dark fantasy world», Jack and his companions claim to be the Warriors of Light, although they harbor doubts about their place in the prophecy. The world is based on the concepts of the first Final Fantasy game , but does not take place in that world.


Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin Trophy List

This is the complete list of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin trophies, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:


  • A Tale of Origins and Endings
  • Acquired all achievements.
  • Hopes and Dreams
  • Completed «Illusion at Journey’s End.»
  • The Pirate’s Way
  • Completed «The Journey Begins.»
  • The King of the Dark Elves
  • Completed «Audience with the Dark Elf.»
  • Distortion’s Progeny
  • Completed «Natural Distortion.»A Landscape of Memory
  • Completed «A Familiar Place.»
  • The Wind’s Light
  • Completed «Memories of Wind.»
  • Vague Remembrances
  • Completed «Memories of Poison.»
  • The Fire’s Light
  • Completed «Memories of Fire.»
  • Phantom Memories
  • Completed «Phantoms of the Past.»
  • The Earth’s Light
  • Completed «Memories of Earth.»
  • Shared Recollections
  • Completed «To Remember.»
  • The Water’s Light
  • Completed «Memories of Water.»
  • Malice Takes Root
  • Completed «Schemes of the Past.»
  • Duty’s Course
  • Completed «Remembering Home.»
  • Led by the Nose
  • Completed «The Suffering of Fools.»
  • Terminus of Fate
  • Completed «A Fraught Journey.»
  • Origin of True Chaos
  • Completed the game on CHAOS difficulty.
  • Cycle of Darkness
  • Completed a level 200 mission or higher on CHAOS difficulty.
  • Memories of the Distant Past
  • Completed a side mission.
  • Strangers’ Memories
  • Completed every side mission.
  • Manifestation of the Soul
  • Used soul burst for the first time.
  • Imbued Memories
  • Used a weapon ability for the first time.
  • No Escape
  • Defeated a cactuar.
  • Lantern Smasher
  • Defeated a tonberry.
  • Seeker of Power
  • Acquired an anima shard.
  • Seeker of Ultimate Power
  • Acquired an anima crystal.
  • Artifact Collector
  • Acquired an artifact.
  • Crest Bearer
  • Used a job crest at the smithy.
  • True Potential
  • Fully upgraded the special effect of a piece of equipment.
  • Polymath
  • Unlocked every job affinity bonus for a single job.
  • Savant
  • Unlocked every panel in the job tree for a single job.
  • Master’s Awakening
  • Used a master point.
  • Job Master
  • Achieved MASTER★★★★ rank for a job.
  • Dark Crystal, Warrior’s Heart
  • Unlocked an advanced job.
  • Jack-of-All-Trades
  • Unlocked all jobs.
  • Path of the Dark Knight
  • Unlocked the dark knight.
  • Path of the Paladin
  • Unlocked the paladin.
  • Path of the Ninja
  • Unlocked the ninja.
  • Path of the Assassin
  • Unlocked the assassin.
  • Path of the Liberator
  • Unlocked the liberator.
  • Path of the Breaker
  • Unlocked the breaker.
  • Path of the Void Knight
  • Unlocked the void knight.
  • Path of the Tyrant
  • Unlocked the tyrant.
  • Path of the Sage
  • Unlocked the sage.
  • His Name Is Garland
  • Unlocked the cyclic warrior.

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