Dragon Ball The Breakers Trophy Guide (All Achievements)

Dragon Ball The Breakers Trophy Guide
Dragon Ball The Breakers Trophy Guide

Dragon Ball The Breakers Trophy Guide (All Achievements)

Don’t miss our Dragon Ball The Breakers trophy guide and learn how to get all the achievements for the game fast and easy.


What is the game about

Trapped by a dark time rift, seven ordinary citizens find themselves caught in a time bond: they find themselves imprisoned with the Assailant, a menacing enemy from another timeline wielding enormous power.

The only hope of survival is the breaking of the temporary union with the super time machine, but the assailant is after them and gains power with each passing minute. In a race against time, the cunning survivors will face the power of the assailant, to achieve freedom or death.

Cooperate with others while you can, it is possible that the decisions of the assailant or other survivors will force you to continue alone. What will be your choice?

Run away through a large map made up of different areas, but be careful! The assailant will always be lurking and could destroy areas of living space, limiting your chances of escape…

As a raider you will enjoy immense powers to hunt down and exterminate survivors. Master the powers of the assailant, trap victims to evolve and become even more powerful!

Whoever you are, a raider or a survivor, choose your path and unlock perks, outfits, etc. to configure your personal strategy and escape as a survivor, or hunt as a raider…

Vehicles, weapons, objects… they will help you in any attempt to confront the assailant and fight for your life!


Dragon Ball The Breakers Trophy List

This is the complete list of Dragon Ball The Breakers trophies, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:

  • The Breaking Point
    Obtain all trophies.
  • We’ll Survive If We Work Together!
    Complete the prologue.
  • Time for a Makeover!
    Change your costume.
  • Training to Survive
    Train any skill up to +20.
  • Your Suffering Starts Now
    Power any raider skill up to +20.
  • First-Time Customer
    Buy something in the shop.
  • Lend Me Your Strength!
    Obtain a transphere from a Spirit Siphon.
  • You’re a Lot Braver Than Me
    Reach survivor level 30.
  • I Guess I’m Too Strong for You
    Reach raider level 30.
  • Hey, You’re Pretty Good at This!
    Finish 50 matches as a survivor.
  • The Day Has Finally Come…
    Finish 50 matches as a raider.
  • Am I a Genius or What?
    Find two super time machine power keys in one match.
  • Puttin’ in the Work
    Place two super time machine power keys in one match.
  • A Real Time Machine!
    Successfully start up the super time machine.
  • Invaluable Friends
    Successfully start up the super time machine with all survivors having survived.
  • You Mad?
    Destroy the super time machine startup system.
  • I Will Rid This Place of Every One of You!
    Destroy the time machine.
  • Thanks a Bunch!
    Rescue five civilians in one match.
  • So Many People, So Little Time…
    Finish off five civilians in one match.
  • It’s Time to Create Perfection!
    Finish off four survivors in one match.
  • Killed all Earthlings!
    Finish off all survivors and win the game.
  • Really Really… HATE YOU!
    Finish off a survivor with a special finisher.
  • A-Time-Travelin’ We Will Go
    Escape in the time machine with three or more allies.
  • Life Is a Precious Gift
    Escape the raider’s pursuit and survive three times in one match.
  • You’re Going Down!
    Defeat a raider with an attack during an Ultimate Dragon Change.
  • You Ready for Me?
    Gather Change Power and reach Dragon Change Lv. 3.
  • Care to Help Me Warm Up?
    Reach Lv. 4 as a raider.
  • I’ve Had My Fill of Bad Futures!
    Prevent a raider from finishing off an ally.
  • Hey, That Was Pretty Cool!
    Land a vanish move against an opponent using a Super Attack.
  • My First Skill
    Use an active skill as a survivor.
  • Wanna Run Away? Now’s Your Chance!
    Attack a raider whose lvl is higher than your DC lvl while they are destroying the startup system.
  • Miraculous Special Ultra Super Megaton PUNCH
    Without using Dragon Change, attack a raider trying to destroy the time machine startup system.
  • Here’s a Senzu Bean!
    Revive three downed allies in one match.
  • Did You Think I’d Let You Get Away?
    Destroy an area and down two survivors.
  • Heya!
    Send an emote.
  • Check This Out!
    Send a signal to an ally letting them know where an item is.
  • Y-You Got It!
    Respond to an ally’s signal.
  • This Is for You!
    Send a stamp.
  • OMG! He Said the Thing!
    Use a line as a raider.
  • Find the Power Keys!
    Open five red item boxes in one match.
  • What Are You Buyin’?
    Make a purchase at a vending machine six times in one match.
  • Come Forth, Shenron!
    Have Shenron grant your wish.


This has been our Dragon Ball The Breakers trophy guide with all the achievements for the game, if you have any questions don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies  you can share them with your friends in your Twitter or Facebook social networks.

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