Tricks to get free tickets and money in Love Unholyc


Tricks to get free tickets and money in Love Unholyc

Do not miss our tricks to get free tickets and money in Love Unholyc and thus access the game’s chats and events. 

In Love Unholyc there are several currencies that we will need to advance in the game such as acme, which is the equivalent of money in the game, and tickets or time tickets. For example you need acme to randomly unlock a character, which could also give you an additional story for one you already have unlocked. You can buy them with the acme in the store, through purchases using real money, or earn them in the daily gacha or the tear gacha. Today we are going to discuss how to get them.


Free tickets and money at Love Unholyc

To get acme, the easiest way to get them in with the daily giveaways. To participate go to the top right corner, there you will see a big gem in the middle that you can click on, do it to participate in the daily draw, plus it’s free once a day, Remember you can turn your acme into tickets ( it’s 100 acme for 1 time ticket) and you can get more acme by watching ads, and there is an ad available every 30 minutes.

The best way to get free time tickets in Love Unholyc is by playing the daily free gacha as it sometimes generates time tickets and acme. Remember that it is interesting to save the time tickets for the visual novel mode chats, since they require time tickets to play them, while normal chats can be skipped without participation by clicking «cancel». You only need about 70% participation a day or so. Also, if you pre-registered, you should have gotten 10 free tickets to use if you haven’t already.

The best thing many times is to take a long break from the game while doing the free porridge just to accumulate enough Love Unholyc time tickets to, for example, be able to open the entire week of Hi.


Should I buy the time tickets individually or several at the same time?

I did the math, and it’s better to get the time tickets individually instead of saving amce to get more tickets at once (1 ticket for 120 amce, instead of 100 for 12,000. I thought they’d do it a bit cheaper for more quantity , but that doesn’t seem to be the case.) That way I always have some tickets ready.


Watch your notifications to enter the chat rooms

If you want to save time tickets, it is best to activate ALL notifications to enter the chat rooms at the right time, since after a while the chat rooms will be closed. Make sure you have well configured notifications on your mobile, and that they all go out properly. If they are not configured correctly, you may only see notifications when the game is open, which is not very useful, really.

The notifications worked for the most part, for me at least, but to keep things simple, take a look at a Love Unholyc chat guide to find out when the chats will be so you can plan ahead. There are a couple of chats that are very close together, so when you reply to the notification, the chat time will already be over, so you have to be very attentive. The worst is a couple of chat rooms that are only 1 minute apart. If you’re not prepared to jump into the first one at the right time, you’ll miss out.


The scheduling problem and how to fix it

Paying for visual novel events to progress in Love Unholyc are unfortunately necessary in many cases, since some of these events can be late at night, even more so if you need to get up early. The game is also pretty unforgiving on missed chats, especially since you can only miss a few before you can’t get enough points to avoid a bad ending.

I found that the best way to play was to pay for the next full 24 hours, as paying for individual chats/events ended up costing more. That’s why he checks the Tears of Asmodeus and Help William video once or twice a day. Sooner or later, you’ll have enough to get the 500 time tickets needed to traverse a route in one go.

If you help William you get money to buy the time tickets in Love Unholyc, so the game is still free and quite affordable. I’m also getting the Tears of Asmodeus from the daily gacha.

Although it is not very useful, remember that you can join the chat even if it is over but you will not be able to talk. You’ll only be reading the messages and won’t be able to level up affection this way, but if you don’t mind just reading, just go to the chat room and press confirm. If you have enough tickets, you can pay 5 tickets to be able to «talk».


Methods to save on Love Unholyc

If you earn enough points on the common route with the others, you can strategically save them before the end of day seven to recharge that point and continue on another route from there. If you didn’t, unfortunately you’ll have to initialize from day one. There are also Fate route tickets in the store that you can buy for time tickets if you don’t want to start over from day one.


Get the achievements of the game

Love Unholyc has several very useful achievements, so if you see 30 ads the game rewards you with a reward like acme. You can check the progress bar below William to see how many achievements you have completed. Therefore, you can access these achievements by clicking on William in the main menu, and at the beginning of the fourth day you choose who you want for your main route in a chat room with William.


These have been our tricks to get free tickets and money in Love Unholyc and thus access the game’s chats and events. If you have any questions, don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies, you can share them with your friends on your social networks on Twitter or Facebook.

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