Scarlet Nexus Tips – 7 Things the Game Won’t Tell You

tricks Scarlet Nexus Tips
tricks Scarlet Nexus Tips

Scarlet Nexus Tips – 7 Things the Game Won’t Tell You

Don’t miss our Scarlet Nexus tips and learn with our guide the best tricks and strategies to improve you game in Scarlet Nexus. 

Like some other JRPGs, Scarlet Nexus can be a bit nebulous at times. There is a lot to understand and the game doesn’t always do the best job at explaining things. It certainly doesn’t help that there is a lot of jargon to learn, but luckily it shouldn’t take you too long to figure things out. From tips and tricks to simple time savers, we have a few Scarlet Nexus tips after our first few hours with the game. Hope these save you some effort and a lot of confusion.


There is dialogue during the fight

At the start of the game you choose whether you want Japanese voices with English subtitles or English voices with English subtitles. If you don’t understand Japanese and find yourself unable to read while fighting enemies, be forewarned.

Scarlet Nexus has dialogue during combat and the captions aren’t just at the bottom of your screen to read. Instead, they’re in the left corner, which means you’ll have to take your attention away from the action to find out what’s going on. If you don’t want to miss out on crucial dialogue or get distracted during the fight, you might just have to make do with English voiceovers this time around.

Check your card frequently

There are a lot of random NPCs in the world and most of them don’t have meaningful dialogue. The problem is that some characters will offer you quests if you take the time to talk to them. And there is no special icon or anything that indicates that it is. Unfortunately, that means you have to check your card frequently. The game drops a marker each time a quest is offered. At least you can avoid talking to every NPC in the game.

Return the quests to the History tab

It doesn’t make much sense, but after picking up a quest from a random NPC, you don’t need to come back to it once you’ve completed it. If you are asked to gather materials and you already have the items, for example, you need to open the History tab and return the quest there. It’s a little bit intuitive as you can’t actually hand the quest over to whoever you took it from to begin with.

Keep all your data!

During your first few hours of play, you will find yourself collecting environmental and enemy data. The game doesn’t explain what it is at all, but it will allow you to sell it to the vendor for next to nothing. Even the rarest data is only worth around 40 credits, which is nothing in the grand scheme of things.

Don’t sell your data.

After about four hours, you will unlock the ability to exchange data for items. This saves you money, but the exchange also has some exclusive items that you can’t get otherwise. Whether it’s robotic bunny ears, scopes, or weapon upgrades, you’ll need this data.

Registration restores everyone’s HP

The main purpose of your health consumables is to help you stay alive during combat. There are definitely times when you might need to reload a bit, but overall you want to visit the savegames vendor when you can. Saving the game restores everyone’s health and keeps you from wasting your health consumables and needing to buy more.


Focus on dodging

If you’re struggling to deal with enemies and stay alive, I have a recommendation: focus on not getting hit. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter how long the fight is, but you want to avoid taking damage and needing to use up your health kits. This can be especially frustrating with flying enemies that shock you, temporarily cripple you on the ground, and expose you to more damage. As tempting as it can be to try and take down enemies, make sure you dodge everything and you’ll get through the fight with less frustration.


Get key upgrades first

Once you start earning Brain Points, you can start improving your character. However, you should focus on a few key upgrades, as not all of them are of equal value.

On the one hand, we recommend that you upgrade the number of plugin slots you have. At the start of the game you can only equip one plugin and adding more is an easy way to boost your character.

While you’re at it, increase your character’s versatility. Unlock double jump, counterattack after perfect dodge, and the ability to take off after being knocked out. There are few things worse than being stuck on the ground waiting for an enemy to attack you again.

Before you get too far into the game, you’ll also want to choose simultaneous SAS activation which will allow you to activate two simultaneous teammate abilities at once. This becomes especially important when you need an ability to see even enemies. Being able to activate a support and a destructive ability at the same time is super useful!

 These are all the tricks for Scarlet Nexus, if you have any questions do not forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies you can share them with your friends on your social networks on Twitter or Facebook.
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