Soulstice Trophy Guide (All Achievements for the game)

Soulstice trophy guide
Soulstice trophy guide

Soulstice Trophy Guide (All Achievements for the game)

Don’t miss our Soulstice trophy guide and learn how to get all the achievements for the game fast and easy.


What is the game about

Explore a dark world full of hidden mysteries, master a diverse combat system, and experience the dual forces of two sisters in a fantasy coming-of-age story with fast-paced action, merciless enemies, and awesome boss fights in this souls-like action game.

The balance of the Sacred Realm of Keidas is compromised when powerful and savage beings known as «wraiths» invade from the other side of the Veil. The wraiths corrupt their victims and can even possess their bodies, becoming unstoppable creatures that prey on the living. Chimeras, hybrid warriors born from the union of two souls, are the only ones who can protect humanity.

Briar and Lute are two sisters who have been reborn as chimeras. The transformation has given Briar superhuman strength and endurance, while Lute, who was sacrificed to unite her soul with her sister’s, has become a ghost with mystical powers. Briar and Lute are tasked with reclaiming a ruined city, but discover that their order has a much more complex plan in mind.

Master Briar’s combos and melee attacks and control the battlefield with Lute’s supernatural abilities. Combine her qualities to unlock powerful transformation abilities and harness her true potential as chimeras.

A tear has opened in the sky above the once-holy city of Ilden. As Briar and Lute fight to reach the Rift, they will face complex puzzles and secrets while their environment becomes more hostile and twisted.

Weapons are unlocked and upgraded throughout the game and can even be swapped out on the fly to unleash stylish, devastating combo attacks. A vile mix of specters, corrupted and possessed from beyond the Veil, has poured over the world. Use Lute’s unique auras to expose or weaken these creatures and adapt to a combat pattern that never seems the same.

Through a dark story filled with sacrifice and brotherly love, Briar and Lute discover the truth about themselves and their powers as chimeras while working side by side and staying true to their unbreakable bond.


Soulstice Trophy List

This is the complete list of Soulstice trophies, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:

  • The Solstice of Souls
    Collect all Trophies
  • May the Torchbearer light our way
    Complete Chapter 1
  • A powerful aura was here
    Witness the first Echo
  • Rumors are true
    Meet Donovan, The Shadeless
  • We’ll be careful
    Master the Rapture state
  • Back to your senses
    Recover from the Berserk state
  • They tricked me
    Unveil the Weavers’ deception
  • We need to talk
    Confront Donovan
  • I feel drawn to it
    Absorb the first crystal
  • Here to stay
    Encounter Hannah
  • Counting on you
    Absorb the second crystal
  • This is the end
    Reveal the last Memory
  • We can choose to fight
    Complete the game
  • No damsels in distress
    Complete the game on Knight difficulty
  • The immortal is bound to reborn
    Complete the game on Chimera difficulty
  • A legend among Chimeras
    Complete the game on Transcended difficulty
  • It’s only pain
    Upgrade Health to max level
  • I know how to handle it
    Upgrade Entropy to max level
  • The touch of Chaos
    Discover the first Challenge
  • Settle this once and for all
    Complete all Challenges
  • The Ashen Knight
    Purchase all of Briar’s skills
  • The Shade
    Purchase all of Lute’s skills
  • They won’t last long
    Defeat 500 Corrupted
  • Through the Veil
    Defeat 500 Wraiths
  • Call this the Judge’s mercy
    Defeat 500 Possessed
  • Pride is a sin, young Knight
    Defeat more enemies than Donovan in Chapter 4
  • There’s too many of them!
    Have Lute destroy every clone of Arrowhead on her own
  • Their fate is sealed
    Prevent the Weavers from reviving each other
  • Not even from this world
    Find the stranger from another world
  • Your wounds… They are healing so fast!
    Recover more than half of your health in a fight, without using consumable items
  • Bring it on!
    Complete one Chapter on any difficulty, obtaining Diamond
  • I’ve been waiting for this!
    Complete all Challenges obtaining Diamond
  • You want more? I’ve got more!
    Complete one Chapter on Knight or higher difficulty, without being hit once
  • I’m just warming up
    Complete game on Initiate difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above
  • We learned it the hard way
    Complete game on Knight difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above
  • They wanted yet another monster…
    Complete game on Chimera difficulty, obtaining Platinum or above
  • Something… unnatural
    Defeat the Harbinger on Transcended difficulty, obtaining Diamond
  • We strike as one
    Perform one Synergy attack with each weapon in the same Chapter
  • Chaos be damned!
    Perform all four Rapture finishing moves
  • I took a risk
    End a fight with a Rapture finishing move
  • Let’s raise the stakes!!
    Obtain at least 3000 points from bonuses in a fight


This has been our Soulstice trophy guide with all the achievements for the game, if you have any questions don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies  you can share them with your friends in your Twitter or Facebook social networks.

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