Saint Seiya Awakening Codes List (April 2024)


Saint Seiya Awakening Codes List (April 2024)

Do not miss the complete list of Saint Seiya Awakening codes to get diamonds and many other prizes.

Saint Seiya Awakening is one of the games based on the famous manga and anime. However, today we want to bring you our complete list of Saint Seiya Awakening codes, with which you can get diamonds and many other free resources in the game.


How to use Saint Seiya Awakening codes

The use of Saint Seiya Awakening codes is different depending on the region you play in.

Step 1: For the global version, go to the game’s official website and log in with your account.

Step 2: Once you have logged in, enter your region, server and finally, fill in the activation code box with the code

Step 3: Press the Saint Seiya Awakening redeem button to activate it.

Step 4: Collect in-game rewards!

On the other hand, if you are playing on an iOS device and have linked your account to Game Center, you must first open a support ticket to link it to GTArcade. The information to know how to do it is in this link .


Where to get Saint Seiya Awakening codes

The developer has already published several codes that we can use in the game. Normally these codes can be obtained from one of the following sources:

  1. The official page of the game : You can consult the official page of Saint Seiya Awakening , and hopefully they will post promotional codes here when they are available.
  2. Social networks : We can find here the Facebook page of Saint Seiya Awakening and the Twitter page . We advise you to subscribe to their page to receive all the news including new game codes. When they get a code, you will have to take a screenshot showing that you have subscribed, and they will send you a code in return.
  3. Instagram : This is the official page of Instagram . We advise you to follow them in case they post Saint Seiya Awakening promotional codes on this page.
  4. Discord : This is the Saint Seiya Awakening Discord . It is very possible that other players share codes in the game’s official Discord, so sign up if you can. Of course, it is possible that many people speak in English, but the codes are usually the same regardless of the country you are in.
  5. Twitch : Here you can find live streams of Saint Seiya Awakening  . Many times streamers receive codes from developers that they give out during the broadcast to promote the game, so it’s interesting to keep an eye on game streams just in case.
  6. Pre- registration : If you registered to the game before its launch, it is possible that you will receive the code in your email if you registered with your email address, or in the case that you did it in Google Play directly you should look in the mail of the game to see if you have a message with the promo code.
  7. Comments : If you have found a code in the game that is not listed in this article, we recommend that you share it with other readers, and visit this section from time to time to see if another user has added a new code.


Saint Seiya Awakening Code List (January 2023)

Now that we know how to enter the codes, it’s time to use the Saint Seiya Awakening codes. This is the full list of working game codes, and you should be quick to use them as some may expire soon. Also, remember that these codes can only be used once per user account:

  • SEIYA2023
  • jT2uDF9z18
  • halloween2022
  • ssloj100days
  • saintseiya1013
  • 1L05EK1K1
  • saintseiyaEoC
  • SEIYA2021
  • AmazonSSA
  • Flexion001


These are all the Saint Seiya Awakening keys available at the moment. If you have any questions about how to activate them or where to find them, don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember if you liked the guide, you can share them with your friends on your social networks on Twitter or Facebook.

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