Rodeo Stampede guide (tricks to get all the animals)


Rodeo Stampede guide: tricks and strategies to get all the animals

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We love Rodeo Stampede Sky Zoo Safari , one of those games that is easy to start playing and almost impossible to put down, while we put ourselves in the shoes of a cowboy who will have to jump from one animal to another while adding them to his zoo. If you need help with the game, here is our guide with the best tricks, tips and strategies for Rodeo Stampede :

  • How to play Rodeo Stampede

In Rodeo Stampede we will have to jump from animal to animal by pressing on the screen, and if we ride on them for long enough we can unlock them and add them to our zoo in the sky, although on the other hand, the longer we ride it, the angrier it will be and start to move abruptly trying to dismount us. We can know when it is going to try to dismount us if we see a red exclamation mark next to the animal we are on.

  • Discover how each animal behaves

Each animal behaves in a different way, so we will have to learn their behavior . For example, elephants are very fast and you can push any animal away but they will get angry fast and can throw you into the air, buffalo are slow and will randomly change direction, but they take time to get angry. One of the funniest is the ostrich since as it gets angry it runs faster, and if we hold on to it we’ll go through the level at a spectacular speed .


  • Choose the animal you want from the beginning

We can choose to ride the animals that we tame before starting a game, and depending on how we want to start a game we will choose one or the other, so try them all to see which of them gives you the best result, or if you have improved that particular habitat a lot to get the new abilities of the animal. To choose it we will have to go to the zoo and click on them before the game.

  • Manage and improve your Zoo

Each animal requires its own habitat in our Zoo to preserve it, and so we can gather each type of animal in its habitat so that visitors give us coins for seeing them. The rarer the animals, the more money we will get for their habitats, so you have to choose, first of all create new habitats for each type of animal instead of improving the habitats you already have.

If we improve the different habitats of the Zoo we will get more money and also new abilities for the animals in that habitat, so the key is to carefully read the advantages they get and choose carefully which habitat to improve. We can upgrade each habitat up to eight times, and we will quickly see the improvement in the physical aspect of each habitat.

We can open the Zoo to the public after several hours, and before opening it we see a summary of what we will earn by opening it. If we want, we can double the benefits of the zoo if we watch a video, so if you have a moment, take a look at the promotional video to earn double coins.

– How to unlock new animals

At first we will only find a few animals , specifically buffalo, elephants and zebras. To find new animals we will have to do the game’s missions to open new areas that will give us access to new animals.

To find new variations of each type of animal, we will have to improve the different habitats of the zoo , especially the first and the last time that we improve them. In addition, the rarest animals will be found when we travel a long distance in each scenario.

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– How to get coins in Rodeo Stampede

We will get coins by doing the missions and going through the levels of the game, fulfilling various objectives such as traveling a specific distance or using certain animals. Keep in mind that if there are elements of the missions that we do not know how to complete, it is probably because you have not upgraded those animals to do the objectives that the mission asks of you.

You can also get between five and ten coins each time we break a box that we find along the way. Finally we will get money from the visitors of our zoo, and also if we enter the zoo we can get coins by clicking on the visitors.

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How to unlock the secret animals in Rodeo Stampede

How could it be otherwise, the secret animals are the most difficult to unlock in Rodeo Stampede. Find out what the secret animals are and how to unlock them.

  • secret zebra

To unlock the secret zebra you will first have to unlock all the animals of the savannah, and we will have to mount them all in a single round , that is: buffalo, zebra, elephant, ostrich, lion, giraffe and vulture. The order doesn’t matter, but you have to mount at least one of each.

  • secret crocodile

Mount one of the crocodiles and after 2,000 meters you will see it appear, jump on it and you will unlock it.

  • secret tiger

He rides a single tiger, and endures riding it even if he gets angry. If you hold on long enough the secret tiger will appear, so hover over it to unlock it.

  • secret lion

To unlock the secret lion we will have to ride a lion and eat 30 animals with the same lion .

  • secret buffalo

To unlock the secret buffalo we will have to start a game with one of your buffaloes and ride it for at least 750 meters . Then you will see the diabuffalo appear, jump on it and you can unlock it.

  • secret rhino

To get him you will have to have the rhino habitat. Once you have it, assemble all seven jungle animals in a single game in any order , and the secret rhino will appear.

secret toucan

Get a normal toucan first, mount it and jump 100 meters to any other animal . If you succeed, the secret toucan will appear and you can unlock it.

  • secret vulture

You can unlock it if you travel at least 2,000 meters in the savannah and on the hills using narrow paths , then you will see it appear. use the vulture, the elephant or the giraffe to jump very high and be able to climb on it.

These are the secret animals discovered, as soon as we know how to unlock the others we will update the guide.

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Savannah Animal Guide at Rodeo Stampede

There are so many animals in Rodeo Stampede, are you sure you have them all? Today we bring you the guide to the animals of the Savannah so you can see the animals that we will find and if they are worth it.

– Ostrich

We talked about the ostrich first because they love to ride it at the Rodeo Stampede. Ostriches are quite fast, but when they get angry they start to accelerate without stopping , if you have Jedi reflexes they are wonderful, but if not sooner or later you will have to jump to another animal.

– Elephant

Slow at first but get faster when mounted and push aside other animals in their path . If we improve their habitat they get the ability to break rocks. Of course, as soon as he gets angry he will dismantle us.

– Zebra

They are faster than the buffalo but they have nothing remarkable in our opinion, if you have the option, ride other animals in the Savannah that are much more useful.

– Vulture

We can climb on top of the vultures and fly above the level, but the bad thing is that it will quickly get angry and start going up and down until we crash into an obstacle.

– buffalo

The first animal that we will meet, is not very fast but when we improve its habitat it gains the ability to charge when you mount them, quite useful to make our way between many animals. When he is angry, he is difficult to control when it comes to avoiding obstacles, but he is not one of the worst animals when he is angry.

– Lion

The lion is a joy to ride since it is very fast and will eat the animals it finds in its path, but of course, on the negative side is that when it gets angry it will eat us, so be careful.

– Giraffe

Very useful since thanks to its neck we can reach inaccessible places , it can also remove small animals. The bad thing is that when he gets angry he will dismount us immediately.

Ski Zoo Safari has been updated with a new level: the mountain . As with the other ecosystems in the game, we can unlock the secret versions of the animals if we do some specific actions with them. This is what you need to do to get the secret versions of the animals:

  • secret yak

We can get it if we hit 10 animals in a single round while riding the yak . At that moment the secret yak will appear and we can mount it.

  • secret bear

To get it we will have to have caught it before. Once we have it, we will have to reach 2,000 meters with a single animal . For this the eagle is one of the best to get it.

  • secret eagle

First of all we will have to have the habitat of the eagle. Once we have it, we will have to jump off a cliff between 25 and 50 meters and land correctly . At that moment the secret eagle will appear and we can ride on it.

  • secret moose

We can get it by using a non-mountain animal on the mountain map, and then riding seven different animals .


Rodeo Stampede has received an update packed with hats of all kinds, from turbans to wizard hats. If you want to unlock the hats , from Gamermovil we are going to help you do it.

How to get hats in Rodeo Stampede

The key to getting the new hats is the new experience system the game has received. Since the last update you will have seen that now each animal has its level of experience . To know its current level, we have to go to its habitats and click on the hat tab to know the level of the animal.

We start with the most basic level of each animal, and as we jump on rare animals we will increase the experience level of that type of animal on which we have ridden. When we manage to raise his experience level, then we unlock a new hat.

How to get hats faster

Try to level up the habitat of each animal up to level 8, since this will double the amount of rare animals, which will allow us to gain experience faster and get more hats.

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Rodeo Stampede Sky Safari  is a free Android and iOS game with paid elements. You can download the game on Google Play and iTunes, and if you liked the guide, don’t forget to share it on your social networks and leave your comments!



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