No More Heroes 3 Trophy Guide (All Achievements)


No More Heroes 3 Trophy Guide (All Achievements)

Don’t miss our No More Heroes 3 trophy guide and learn how to get all the achievements for the game fast and easy.


What’s the game about

No More Heroes 3 is back in better shape than ever, launching on multiple platforms! Our favorite otaku assassin, Travis Touchdown, has been forced to take up arms to defend not only Santa Destroy, but the entire Earth. This time, it won’t be enough to become the #1 assassin, as Travis must face off against a superhero from outer space in a power struggle of intergalactic proportions. It’s the biggest challenge of his deadly career, but with a vast array of new skills, tools and jobs at his disposal, Travis will prove that he’s more than just a middle-aged loser talking to his cat.

He dusts off the Beam Katana and put on the sunglasses, it’s time to assassinate superheroes!The infamous Prince FU, a self-proclaimed superhero from the far reaches of the galaxy, has come to Earth with the goal of conquering it. To save humanity, our No More Hero must fight his way up the Galactic Super Hero Rankings and defeat FU’s nine alien minions before he can face off against the prince himself.

As is tradition with No More Heroes, the Galactic Super Hero Rankings are packed with mind-blowing boss battles bursting with originality. Climb the ranks and prove that you are the fucking master of the universe.

Travis may be on the brink of a midlife crisis, but he’s still a machine when it comes to splitting faces. He is a genius in all disciplines of combat, from techniques with the Beam Katana to wrestling. He turbocharges the violence with the customizable Death Glove and overwhelms deadly invaders with any combat style you prefer.

To fight aliens, funds are needed. Explore Santa Destroy with Travis’s Demzamtiger and take on extra jobs, from coast guard missions to bathroom cleaning. Then hit the road, visit unique locations outside of Santa Destroy like Neo Brazil and Thunderdome, and let the money roll.

Thanks to improved graphics, No More Heroes 3 looks its best to date. Plus, with improved load times and controls, you’ll soon be dishing out shit left and right in a game that’s as visually stunning as it is ultraviolent.


No More Heroes 3 Trophy List

This is the complete list of No More Heroes 3 trophies, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:

  • Superhero!
    Acquire all trophies
  • Welcome to the Garden of Slaughter
    Speak to Sylvia
  • Don’t Drink Too Much
    Save on the toilet
  • Beware of Fraud
    Transfer ranking battle registration fee via ATM
  • Darkness
    Clear Episode 1: Darkness
  • Space
    Clear Episode 2: Space
  • Memory
    Clear Episode 3: Memory
  • Sorrow
    Clear Episode 4: Sorrow
  • Dead Cannon
    Clear Episode 5: Dead Cannon
  • Hell
    Clear Episode 6: Hell
  • Crosshairs
    Clear Episode 7: Crosshairs
  • Loyalty
    Clear Episode 8: Loyalty
  • Flesh and Blood
    Clear Episode 9: Flesh & Blood
  • Friends
    Clear Episode 10: Friends
  • Full Power!
    Upgrade everything on the Skill Tree
  • Galactic Power
    Acquire all Death Glove Chips
  • Spicy
    Clear the game on Spicy difficulty
  • Carolina Reaper
    Clear the game on Carolina Reaper difficulty
  • Time Machine Master
    Beat all bosses on Death difficulty
  • Master
    Beat all bosses with Rank S or higher
  • Legendary
    Beat all bosses with Rank SS or higher
  • Sushi Hoarder!
    Buy all types of takeout sushi
  • Change of Pace
    Change your clothes
  • True Artist
    Destroy all alien shells
  • Flavor Seeker
    Acquire all scorpions
  • Green Successor
    Plant seeds at all greenification points
  • Collector
    Acquire all Deathman cards
  • Foster Parent
    Rescue all kittens
  • Who Do You Love?
    Collect all Assassin capsule toys
  • Best Bout!
    Collect all Battle Recreation capsule toys
  • ©Space
    Collect all Alien capsule toys
  • To Completion
    Enter the motel Gacha Room
  • Wine Opener
    Find all Doppelgangers
  • Battle-Happy
    Clear all Defense Missions
  • Battle Junkie
    Clear all Defense Missions with Rank S or higher
  • Battle Predator
    Clear all Defense Missions with Rank SS or higher
  • Let’s Play Catch
    Succeed in playing catch with Jeane 10 times
  • Champion
    Perform 100 wrestling moves
  • All Clear!
    Unlock all save points
  • Ending the Feud
    Beat Ryuichi
  • Plus Ultra!!
    Equip a Death Glove Chip
  • Death Glove
    Unlock all Death Glove skills
  • Deathman
    Play Deathman
  • Hitting the Books
    Take the tutorial in the Tutorial Room
  • Safe Driving
    Fly on your bike 20 times
  • I See All!
    Perform a successful Perfect Dodge 50 times
  • Bull’s-eye!
    Match up the slots 30 times
  • Nice Day for a Walk
    Move 30km on foot
  • Become the Wind
    Move 100km on bike
  • Combo Master
    Pull off a 99-hit combo during battle
  • I’m the Hero!
    Beat 51 Mass-Produced Destroymen


This has been our No More Heroes 3 trophy guide with all the achievements for the game, if you have any questions don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies  you can share them with your friends in your Twitter or Facebook social networks.

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