MultiVersus Trophy Guide (All Achievements)


MultiVersus Trophy Guide (All Achievements)

Don’t miss our MultiVersus trophy guide and learn how to get all the achievements for the game fast and easy.


What is the game about

MultiVersus is an upcoming free to play fighting video game developed by Player First Games and published by Warner Bros. Games. The game is a crossover between franchises from the Warner Bros. company. The release of the title is scheduled for 2022 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.


Multiversus Trophy List

This is the complete list of MultiVersus trophies, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:

  • Trophy Master
    Earn all other Trophies to collect this Trophy
  • Credit Where It’s Due
    Give out 5 Toasts to other players
  • Nice Speech
    Give out 10 Toasts to other players
  • Toast Master
    Give out 100 Toasts to other players
  • Run It Back
    Accept 100 rematches
  • Matchmaker
    Play 1 matchmade game
  • You Mean Business
    Get 30 Ringouts
  • You’re Getting Pretty Good At This!
    Get 50 Ringouts
  • Bun-Puncher Supreme
    Get 100 Ringouts
  • Stepping Out
    Win 10 matchmade games
  • Proving Yourself
    Win 100 matchmade games
  • The Throne Is Yours
    Win 300 matchmade games
  • Bring A Friend
    Get 10 Double Ringouts
  • Ringouts Are Better In Pairs
    Get 25 Double Ringouts
  • And Your Little Dog, Too!
    Get 100 Double Ringouts
  • Watch Your Step
    Get 10 Ringouts using your spike
  • Going Down?
    Get 50 Ringouts using your spike
  • Ground Floor: Ringouts
    Get 100 Ringouts using your spike
  • Aerial Specialist
    Get 10 Ringouts using the top of the Blast Zone
  • Southpaw Specialist
    Get 10 Ringouts using the left-side of the Blast Zone
  • Rightie Specialist
    Get 10 Ringouts using the right-side of the Blast Zone
  • Spike Specialist
    Get 10 Ringouts using the bottom of the Blast Zone
  • Watch Your Head
    Get 20 Ringouts with a Projectile
  • Catch This
    Get 50 Ringouts with a Projectile
  • Distanced Damage Dealer
    Get 200 Ringouts with a Projectile
  • Social Butterfly
    Play 25 matches in a party
  • Life of the Party
    Play 100 matches in a party
  • Party Animal
    Play 500 matches in a party
  • Signature Slammer
    Get 10 low-damage Ringouts


This has been our MultiVersus trophy guide with all the achievements for the game, if you have any questions don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies  you can share them with your friends in your Twitter or Facebook social networks.

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