Monark Trophy Guide (All Achievements for the game)


Monark Trophy Guide (All Achievements for the game)

Don’t miss our Monark trophy guide and learn how to get all the achievements for the game fast and easy.


What is the game about

Monark is a role-playing game for Microsoft Windows, Sony PlayStation 4 and 5, and Nintendo Switch being developed by FURYU Corporation and to be published by NIS America, Inc..

The story tells the plot of the True Student Council, which was established to resolve the abnormal situations in the school. The protagonist, who becomes the deputy head of the council, chooses a partner from among four characters to challenge the unreasonable.

The main story has multiple endings. There are different routes for each of the four friendly characters. To make multiplay easier, you can also skip shared routes and progress through different friends’ routes.

Battles are command based with a free movement turn system. Increasing your madness will allow you to use more powerful abilities, but if you increase it too much, you will go insane and attack both friendly and enemy targets, making the fight impossible.

There is also a system called «EGO», which represents the player’s desire levels of Pride, Anger, Envy, Lust, Gluttony, and Sloth. These change based on the player’s analysis and decisions made, and also affect the demons he can employ as his «minions.» Appearances and voices of minions can be customized.


Monark Trophy List

This is the complete list of Monark trophies, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:

  • Monark Master
    You’ve earned every trophy there is to obtain. Gehe. Live proud with your Ego, empty and vain.
  • Blind Fool’s Savior
    You’ve triumphed over the Pactbearer of Pride. Gehe. Justice is the victor’s right to decide.
  • Cause and Infect
    You’ve triumphed over the Pactbearer of Envy. Gehe. One must suffer to know how precious peace can be.
  • Retribution From Beyond
    You’ve triumphed over the Pactbearer of Wrath. Gehe. Emotions alone cannot pave you a path.
  • Irreversible Fidelity
    You’ve triumphed over the Pactbearers of Lust. Gehe. If you hope to avoid pain, a change of heart is a must.
  • Recurring Twilight
    You’ve triumphed over the Pactbearer of Greed. Gehe. Your fate changed with the last wish he could plead.
  • Dark Abundance
    You and Nozomi triumphed against woe. Gehe. Were your wishes and hopes ever realized, though?
  • Unhinged Darkness
    You and Shinya triumphed against woe. Gehe. Did you manage to earn his faith and trust, though?
  • Birth of a New World
    You and Ryotaro triumphed against woe. Gehe. Did you manage to get your fill of things, though?
  • Woeful Execution
    You and Kokoro triumphed against woe. Gehe. Did you manage to get closer to her heart, though?
  • The Gate
    You’ve triumphed over the Pactbearer of Woe. Gehe. So lamentable when one denies themself, no?
  • Vain, Empty Ego
    You defeated ■■■-■■■■■■■ with little to spare. Stand tall, little «human» who subdued the unfair.
  • Posthumous Parting
    You heard a recording from one who has passed. Gehe… This newfound quiet occurred far too fast.
  • Method in Madness
    You’ve entered Madness in all its brutality. Gehe. Brandish the bane of irrationality.
  • Aspiring Awakener
    You’ve become Awakened for the first time, I see. Gehe. To control the Madness, your will is the key.
  • Emerging Enlightener
    You’ve become Enlightened for the first time. Gehe. Control the Madness to attain your prime.
  • Rookie Resonator
    You’ve experienced your very first Resonation. Gehe. Bonds of the soul can be your salvation.
  • Names and Nature
    You’ve donned a full set of Vessels with skills, I see. Gehe. Names and nature do often agree.
  • Bespoke Body
    You’ve customized a Fiend for the first time. Gehe. Follow your Ego against reason and rhyme.
  • Novice Namer
    You’ve changed a Fiend’s name for the very first time. Gehe. Just don’t give them one that would count as a crime.
  • Alter Ego Contigo
    You’ve acquired your very first Alter Ego. Gehe. Interacting with others is what makes one grow.
  • Psych Sampler
    You’ve taken a student’s psychology test. Gehe. It’s up to you to define yourself best.
  • Call ‘n Brawl
    You’ve made your first call to the Otherworld. Gehe. Fear not the abyss, nor what is unfurled.
  • Locker Knocker
    You managed to unlock a locker. Gehe. What did you find? A present? A shocker?
  • Vanitas the Vendor
    You had Vanitas create an item or gear. Gehe. I’m only assisting, just so we’re clear.
  • Aural Aficionado
    You’ve listened to your first BGM sound test. Gehe. It’s important to take an occasional rest.
  • Perpetual Patient
    You’ve visited the infirmary for 20 examinations. Gehe. Just remember to overexert yourself in moderation…
  • Saw the Sign
    You’ve saved 20 numbers in your Contacts list. Gehe. Find any good hunting grounds in your midst?
  • Test-Taking Titan
    You took at least half of the psychology tests. Gehe. Are you more self-aware now than you had guessed?
  • Otherworld-ologist
    You have at least half of the Cromwell Records in tow. Gehe. Knowledge is power; power is what you know.
  • Profile Pundit
    You’ve registered at least half of the Profiles. Gehe. Knowing others can take you for miles.
  • Battle Brainiac
    You’ve participated in 30 battles or more. Gehe. Living beings are predisposed to war.
  • Helping Hand
    You’ve performed 50 Assist Attacks. Gehe. Success stems from having each other’s backs.
  • Deft Deferrer
    You’ve made at least 30 Deferrals to date. Gehe. It’s important to know how to delegate.
  • SPIRIT Stasher
    You’ve earned over 2,000,000 SPIRIT to date. Gehe. Have you gained enough power to satiate?
  • Dress to Impress
    You equipped a set of EX Rank Vessels on a Fiend. Gehe. Are they now the way you have always dreamed?
  • Ace Awakener
    You’ve seen everybody’s Awakened Arts. Gehe. Defiance stems from the will of one’s heart.
  • Expert Enlightener
    You’ve seen everybody’s Enlightened Arts. Gehe. Fulfill your Ego with the power Madness imparts.
  • Ability Artisan
    You’ve unlocked one unit’s every ability. Gehe. Using them right is now your responsibility.
  • Ability Artificier
    You’ve unlocked every ability for every unit. Gehe. I never imagined you’d manage to do it.
  • Seven Wonders of Shin Mikado
    You’ve gotten intel about all seven wonders. Gehe. Did any make your curiosity thunder?
  • Straight-S Student
    You managed to earn an S-Rank result. Gehe. You did well–and that’s not an insult.
  • Shrewd Strategist
    You used a Hazard to defeat a foe. Gehe. You’re utterly deranged, you know.
  • Quality Quartet
    You’ve performed a four-unit Assist Attack. Gehe. Whoever it is, they’re not coming back.
  • Quality Quintet
    You’ve performed a five-unit Assist Attack. Gehe. The key to battle is to fight in a pack.
  • Overblown Offensive
    You’ve dealt over 10,000 damage in a single turn. Gehe. Keep improving yourself–live and learn.
  • Happily Ever After

    You’ve proven your Ego and seen your wish through. Gehe. One thing’s end is the start of something new.


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