Medieval Dynasty Trophy Guide (All Achievements)


Medieval Dynasty Trophy Guide (All Achievements)

Don’t miss our Medieval Dynasty trophy guide and learn how to get all the achievements for the game fast and easy.


What is the game about

Europe in the early Middle Ages: Nobles and clergy rule, and trade between nations brings prosperity, as well as envy, mistrust, and greed. Military conflict is everywhere and entire continents are changing.

In Medieval Dynasty, you take on the role of a young man who has fled from war and wants to take his fate into his own hands. From being lonely, inexperienced, and poor, you will become a master of many skills, a leader of your community, and the founder of a prosperous dynasty that is destined to last and prosper for generations to come. Fending off wild animals while foraging for food, gathering resources and crafting equipment, building a house and erecting a bustling town while raising a family all contribute to a unique gaming experience across many genres. Harsh winters and unexpected events challenge your skills and dexterity as you strive to build your own legacy.

You can choose to follow the main chapters, solve the quest lines or just wander and explore the vast medieval world, but be careful as wolves or bears may try to bite you… Start with the simplest things for your own survival . such as hunting and farming, as well as building a house. Raise a Family and Have an Heir – Attract others to live nearby and work for you, construct many other buildings to transform your settlement into a vibrant town and ultimately a prosperous dynasty that will reign for generations.

A huge 3D open medieval world awaits you… Be aware of harsh winters and unexpected events as you hone your skills to turn from a medieval survivor into the ruler of a dynasty. Grab your axe, hammer or hunting bow, and create your legacy!


Medieval Dynasty Trophy List

This is the complete list of Medieval Dynasty trophies, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:

  • Platin? What’s platin, my Lord?
    Obtained all trophies.
  • LumberJACKED
    Finish the quest by bringing 1000 logs.
  • Closure
    Finish the main quest.
  • City
    Reach City development level.
  • The Dynasty Continues
    Play as an Heir.
  • I wasn’t even looking
    Hit the archery target and get 100 or more points.
  • Warm-blooded
    Survive winter with no clothes on.
  • Hedgehog
    Impale an animal with 4 spears while it’s still alive.
  • Look at my mount
    Get a mount.
  • I wonder how many I can fit…
    Get 12 status effects at once.
  • Town
    Reach Town development level.
  • I will pay next month, I swear
    Have a tax debt of at least 5000 coins.
  • Village Manager
    Have at least 50 inhabitants.
  • Firstborn
    Have an Heir.
  • Show me the money!
    Have 1000000 Coins.
  • Village
    Reach Village development level.
  • Settlement
    Reach Settlement development level.
  • Caveman
    Have mine built on every cave on the map.
  • I… am not… drunk
    Be drunk (100%).
  • Hunting Royale
    Kill every type of wild animal during one dynasty.
  • I may not be good at it after all…
    Get caught stealing 50 times during one dynasty.
  • Must have been the wind
    Sell 50 of the stolen goods during one dynasty.
  • A helping hand
    Complete 100 side quests.
  • M’Lady
    Have a Wife.
  • It wasn’t me!
    Get caught stealing for the first time.
  • A new home
    Build your first house.
  • Strider
    Visit every village during one dynasty.
  • My Stumps
    Remove 100 stumps.
  • Hermitage
    Reach Hermitage development level.
  • Camp
    Reach Camp development level.
  • Small Farm
    Reach Small Farm development level.
  • Farm
    Reach Farm development level.
  • Hamlet
    Reach Hamlet development level.
  • Master of Extraction
    Get level 10 in Extraction.
  • Master of Hunting
    Get level 10 in Hunting.
  • Master of Farming
    Get level 10 in Farming.
  • Master of Diplomacy
    Get level 10 in Diplomacy.
  • Master of Survival
    Get level 10 in Survival.
  • Master of Production
    Get level 10 in Production.
  • Harvestin’ season
    Harvest a field bigger than 6×6.
  • Dirty Henry
    Be 100% dirty.
  • Happy wife, happy life
    Give your wife gifts for 2 following years.
  • Let’s break a stick!
    Get your first inhabitant.
  • Well earned rest
    Sleep in your bed every night for the entire year.
  • Oopsie daisy

This has been our Medieval Dynasty trophy guide with all the achievements for the game, if you have any questions don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies  you can share them with your friends in your Twitter or Facebook social networks.

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