Love Unholyc FAQ (everything you need to know)

Love Unholyc FAQ
Love Unholyc FAQ

Love Unholyc FAQ (everything you need to know)

Don’t miss our Love Unholyc FAQ guide and discover all the answers to your doubts and questions in the game.

You have told us several questions about the game, and that is why today we have prepared a new guide for you with the most frequently asked questions and the answers to your doubts. These are the most common questions and everything you should know about it.

Are gifts important when it comes to unlocking routes in Love Unholyc?

The gifts are not decisive, you will end up with the boy with whom you obtained the most affection points during the seven days.

Do I have to reboot from the beginning to get a happy ending or a certain character path?

If you want to restart a route, you must restart from day 8, but if you want to choose another route, you can buy it with time tickets.

If I’m done with Jung Hi’s route, do I have to buy the Destiny cards in order to get Leo’s route next? Or will I have the option to get someone else’s route after completing their route?

In this case you have no choice but to buy them.

After purchasing the destination cards, do I have to initialize the game or will the path appear automatically?

You have to initialize it and then go back and choose it like you did with the other routes first.

So wouldn’t that mean I would lose my progress with your route? Can’t unlock all three routes together?

It is kept in a registry. You can play them again at any time after purchasing them, just initialize the game. If you just want to revisit the story, you can replay it 5 through the registry, but you can’t change your options

Can I initialize the game without losing data?

If you want to start over from day 1, you will not lose the photos or anything of the route you did.

How do I get blocked episodes?
You have to replay and miss all chats for those episodes «locked» (for each route), which means opening them without using tickets. although this won’t work for the story mode where it includes mc, so be careful and don’t miss them to save tickets! You can use the time tickets to read the blocked / lost times.

How do I get a happy ending?
Use the guides that we have been publishing in Gamermovil to get all the endings.

When you are done with the general route, how to choose the individual route?
Once you are done with the general path, do not reset your progress. You go to private, then you press history and then you press destination. That will take you on his personal route, then you choose the guy you are looking for.

When I choose the individual route, do I have to choose the one I ended up with or can I choose another?
Unfortunately, the unlocked path will only be towards whom your answers will lean on the general path.

How to unlock more characters on the main information screen?
If they are blacked out and have question marks for the names, you should use the random character tickets and hope you are lucky to unlock the characters you want.

How do you get the random characters?
Random characters can be obtained through daily gruel (7% chance each time) or by purchasing them from the store (the ones that don’t glow)

What happens in Leo’s dark ending?
They basically stayed in that cycle of time that they have to go to for the ceremony on the last day as if they keep doing it and they don’t come out before the sun rises.

I logged out of my account and when I log in again with the account it is as if it were a new account, what do I do?
send them a message and explain that you have the error and they will see if they can get your things back

How to get Love Unholyc emotes and stickers for WhatsApp?
You have all the stickers in this file  that you can use in WhatsApp and start using them in Love Unholyc.

How can I restart season 2?
You would have to start over from day 1 if you want to choose a different type, unless of course you already have a saved game for that specific character.

Can you skip the time in the game?
You can skip 24 hours for each day, and it costs some time tickets


This has been our Love Unholyc FAQ guide with all the answers to your questions for the game. If you have any questions, don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies, you can share them with your friends on your Twitter or Facebook social networks.

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