Battlefield 2042 Trophy Guide (All Game Achievements)


Battlefield 2042 Trophy Guide (All Game Achievements)

Don’t miss our Battlefield 2042 trophy guide and learn with our guide how to get all the achievements of the game.

What is the game about

Battlefield 2042 is the seventeenth installment in the Battlefield series developed by DICE and published by EA. The game was revealed on June 9, 2021. The game is scheduled to launch on November 12, 2021 for EA Play members and those who purchase Gold and Ultimate Edition and on November 19, 2021 for everyone else.

Battlefield 2042 is focused on multiplayer and does not have a single player campaign, the first entry in the main series to not include one since Battlefield 2142. However, similar to older entries in the series like Battlefield 2, players will have the option to play against AI bots in solo or co-op, although the game is always online and cannot be played offline.

Select multiplayer modes will support up to 128 players per server on 9th generation consoles and PC, the first Battlefield game to officially support more than 100 players in a single match from Korea’s exclusive Battlefield Online. The 2042 Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions will only support up to 64 players with smaller-scale maps.

Similar to Battlefield 2142, Battlefield 2042 has a background narrative despite not having a single player campaign. It is set in the same continuity as Battlefield 3 and 4.

Battlefield 2042 takes place two decades after the events of the 2020 War. Extreme climate change events take place during the 2030s, causing massive global upheaval. The collapse of many government powers and the closure of borders has caused the displacement of more than 1.2 billion people. Many of these outcasts band together for mutual survival, becoming known as the Unpatriots or «No-Pats» for short.

By 2037, advances in technology have allowed humanity to begin to rebuild a global society, with some of the remaining countries beginning to open their borders once again. However, distrustful of the «Old World» governments that abandoned them, many No-Pats refuse to rejoin their former nations and create their own identity, without being tied to allegiance to any country. The No-Pats create task forces of military specialists to defend themselves.

In 2040, a space debris storm causes a Kessler effect, where most of the satellites orbiting the Earth stop working and collide with the planet. A global blackout ensues, plunging the world into chaos as communication networks are destroyed and supply lines shut down. The United States of America and the Russian Federation, the only two remaining super-powerful states, blame each other for the catastrophe. The two nations begin an indirect war to secure the remaining supplies of food and fuel, hiring Task Forces No-Pat to maintain a plausible denial. By 2042, a massive open war is almost certain, and the No-Pats must choose sides to survive.


Battlefield 2042 Trophy List

This is the complete list of trophies for Battlefield 2042, with a brief description of what we must do to get them:

Luck of the Irish
Reach Player Level 25

I’m Five by Vie, B
Win a ribbon III of each type

Clean Exit
Successfully extract into the danger zone without anyone in the squad being killed

CQC Specialist
Perform 20 melee kills in one round

Perform 20 headshot kills in one round.

Making Dunn Proud
reach player level 15

Dead in their tracks!
Get a quad-kill while defending a target.

Winner Takes It All
Win 42 rounds in all game modes

Universal Soldier
Earn a T1 Mastery Badge from any Specialist

Weapon Master
Earn a T1 Mastery Badge with any weapon

Wheeled Warrior
Earn a T1 Mastery Badge with any vehicle

Jack of All Trades
Earn a T1 Mastery Badge with any gadget or launcher

Doze This
Perform 7 kills in one life with Dozer’s SOB-8 Ballistic Shield.

Good Company
Win first place as a squad

Outstanding Performance Achieved

Adapt and beat
Reach Player Level 5

Command and Conquest
Capture 100 targets in Conquest

Escape Artist:
Successfully extract 25 times in the Danger Zone.

Pack Rat is
successfully extracted with 50 data drives in the danger zone

Air Destroyer
Destroy an air vehicle with a rocket launcher while parachuting

A bird? A plane?
The wingsuit flies from the rocket hangar to the launch pad in Orbital

Go Places
Travel 1000m in one round with Mackay’s grappling hook

Weapon B Dry
Deal 2500 damage in a round while defending targets using Boris’ SG-36 Sentry Gun

Doctor Falck in the House
Heal 3000 points of damage in a single round with Faick’s Syrette S21 pistol

Happy birthday call in 15 cargo boxes with angel

Squad Wiper
Kill 500 enemy soldiers while not in a vehicle.

War Machine
Kill 50 enemies in vehicles.

Tool Time
Repair 1000 damage to vehicles in one round

Demolition Crew
Destroy 50 Vehicles

No one is left behind
Relive 100 teammates

Thank you, Santa
Resupply 50 teammates

Foot Soldier
Travel 25 km without using vehicles

A careful owner
hits an aerial vehicle

Burnout Travel
15 km with land vehicles


This has been our trophy guide of Battlefield 2042 with all the achievements of the game, if you have any questions do not forget to ask them in the comments, and remember that if you liked the guide and the strategies you can share them with your friends on your networks Twitter or Facebook social media.

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