Persona 5 Royal Trophy Guide (All Achievements & Platinum)


Persona 5 Royal Trophy Guide (All Achievements & Platinum)

Don’t miss our Persona 5 Royal trophies guide with full and Platinum achievements, plus a description of how to get them.


What is Persona 5 Royal about?

Persona 5 Royal, also known as P5R and called Persona 5: The Royal in Japan, is an enhanced version of Persona 5 that will be released exclusively for the PlayStation 4. The game was initially released by Atlus on December 30, 2018. It was released after Persona 5 The Animation OVA, Dark Sun finished airing. It was released in Japan on October 31, 2019.

After the trailer featuring an unnamed girl was released on March 23, 2019, the following trailer was shown during the «Persona Super Live: P-Sound Street 2019: Welcome to No. Q Theater» event on April 24, 2019. 2019. The game was shown and a release date of October 31, 2019 in Japan was confirmed, along with more information on May 9, 2019. Not long after, a Western release for Spring 2020 was confirmed. December 3, 2019, A trailer for Persona 5 Royal was released with a confirmed release date, as were the different editions that will be available on day one.

Persona 5 Royal is the definitive version of Persona 5 from Atlus

Persona 5 Royal features new characters like Kasumi Yoshizawa, a young gymnast who enrolled in Shujin’s first semester around the same time as the protagonist. She is a big fan of the protagonist and is one of the few nice people in Shujin. However, some of her behavior doesn’t add up to what she is said to be. She can accompany the Phantom Thieves on their heists and wears a black mask and wields rifles in battle.

Takuto Maruki is a part-time school counselor and cognitive psoriasis researcher who enters Shujin Academy following Kamoshida’s arrest. He can understand people’s feelings and always helps them when needed, and is among one of the most popular members of the school’s faculty. He is one of the protagonist’s new Confidants in the story.

Joseph is a mysterious boy in the form of a puppet who investigates humans and helps the Phantom Thieves in Mementos. Flowers and Star Seals can be collected in Mementos, and the protagonist can trade these items with José in his shop: Flowers are exchanged for items, and Star Seals allow him to improve the rate at which rewards are given, such as experience, money, and items in souvenirs. He can also turn Will Seeds into accessories that can greatly aid in battle.


Persona 5 Royal Trophy List

This is the complete list of trophies for Persona 5 Royal with a brief description on how to get the achievements in the game:

  • The Phenomenal Phantom Thief
    Obtained all trophies.
  • Castle of Lust: Seized
    Completed the castle Palace.
  • Museum of Vanity: Repossessed
    Completed the museum Palace.
  • Bank of Gluttony: Cleaned Out
    Completed the bank Palace.
  • Pyramid of Wrath: Plundered
    Completed the pyramid Palace.
  • Spaceport of Greed: Obliterated
    Completed the spaceport Palace.
  • Casino of Jealousy: Bankrupted
    Completed the casino Palace.
  • Cruiser of Pride: Capsized
    Completed the cruise ship Palace.
  • The Thorough Trickster
    Completed Mementos.
  • Take Back the Future
    Completed every Palace.
  • The Path Chosen
    Watched the ending.
  • Spirit of Rebellion
    Obtained Arsène.
  • Phantom Thieves: Assemble!
    Established your own squad of thieves.
  • One Step at a Time
    Completed a Mementos request.
  • A Most Studious Disguise
    Scored the highest on your exams.
  • Pure Perfection
    Maxed out all social stats.
  • Tokyo Tourist
    Went to a hangout spot with someone.
  • My Closest Partner
    Entered a special relationship.
  • True Confidence
    Maxed out one of your Confidants.
  • Awakening the Phantom Thieves
    Evolved a party member’s Persona.
  • I am Thou…
    Obtained a Persona through negotiation.
  • Tactical Teamwork
    Performed a Baton Pass.
  • Let’s Blow It Up
    Defeated enemies via Disaster Shadow explosion.
  • You’d Better Hang On!
    Used the grappling hook.
  • Technician
    Triggered a Technical.
  • Talent Thief
    Obtained a Skill Accessory from a Palace ruler.
  • The Purpose of a Thief
    Obtained a Treasure Demon.
  • It’s Showtime!
    Performed a Showtime attack.
  • Jose’s Favorite Customer
    Traded in flowers while in Mementos.
  • The Phantom Philatelist
    Traded in stamps while in Mementos.
  • The Search for Power
    Completely changed the cognition of Mementos.
  • The Deviated Cognition
    Encountered a deviation in Mementos.
  • Unsurpassed Rebel
    Conquered the Reaper.
  • A Deadly Debut
    Performed a Guillotine execution.
  • Efficient Executioner
    Performed a Group Guillotine execution.
  • Intensive Training
    Used Incense on a Persona in Lockdown.
  • Success Built on Sacrifice
    Performed a Gallows execution.
  • Accident-Prone
    Performed an execution during a Fusion Alarm.
  • A Grand Experiment
    Performed an Electric Chair execution.
  • Leblanc Buffer
    Cleaned up in Leblanc.
  • Punch That Clock!
    Worked a part-time job.
  • Batter Up!
    Scored a hit at the batting cages.
  • Getting the Vapors
    Couldn’t take the heat in the bathhouse.
  • Easy Money
    Won the lottery.
  • Going Against the Crane
    Scored a prize in the crane game.
  • Trash Into Treasure
    Sold old clothing at Furugi no Neuchi.
  • Dartslinger
    Played a game of darts.
  • A Hustler’s Journey
    Played a game of billiards.
  • A Night in Kichijoji
    Attended the jazz club.
  • A Serene Experience
    Visited a temple.
  • Professional Modification
    Customized a gun.
  • Angler’s Debut
    Passed time at the fishing pond.
  • Master of Akihabara
    Ordered from the special menu at the maid café.


 This has been our Persona 5 Royal trophies guide with full and Platinum achievements, plus a description of how to get them. If you have any questions, don’t forget to ask them in the comments, and remember if you liked the guide and the strategies, you can share them with your friends on your social networks on Twitter or Facebook.

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